Senate Dems Block Bill to 'Accurately Report Virus Deaths'

Senate Dems Block Bill to ‘Accurately Report Virus Deaths’

Democrat politicians are blocking legislation in the Senate that could actually benefit the American people, and hold elected officials accountable for their actions during the pandemic.

The Amendment

Senate Democrats have moved to block an amendment, proposed by Republican Senator Tim Scott, which would demand the “accurate reporting” of COVID-related deaths at nursing homes around the country.

This amendment was proposed after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was caught in a scandal involving underreporting of deaths from the coronavirus in nursing homes in the state. Near the start of the pandemic, Cuomo made the unbelievable decision to allow nursing homes to take in people who have tested positive for COVID, despite the obvious risk to the most vulnerable population in the United States.

Republican Response

The decision by Senate Democrats has been called out by many conservatives as unacceptable. If deaths from COVID in nursing homes cannot be reported accurately, how are the American people going to be able to trust any statistics coming out of the government?

Senate Republican Cloakroom Staff shared the news on Twitter, writing: “Not adopted, 50-50: Scott (SC) #53 (Re: Ensure accurate reporting of COVID-19 deaths of residents and staff at nursing homes), in relation to S.Con.Res.5, Sanders Budget Resolution.”

The Senate GOP also tweeted about the Democrats’ decision: “Democrats budget doesn’t deal with COVID19 deaths in nursing homes. Republicans want answers. @SenatorTimScott offered an amendment to hold Governors like
@NYGovCuomo accountable for underreporting and covering up COVID19 deaths in nursing homes. Senate Democrats blocked it.”

Senator Tim Scott shared his disappointment about the outcome of the vote on his amendment on Twitter.

“Our #COVID19 pandemic response must be driven by facts, but Democrats just blocked my amendment to ensure states that misreport nursing home deaths are held accountable. This is unacceptable. Our seniors deserve better,” Scott wrote.


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