Breaking: Massive Islamic Network BUSTED

Breaking: Massive Islamic Network BUSTED

Approximately 850 police officers, including members of SWAT teams, conducted coordinated raids of apartments linked to members of an Islamic terrorist organization in and around Berlin, Germany on February 25.

Open borders and refugee policies appear to be backfiring on Germany, as terrorism is becoming quite prevalent in the country.

After an investigation into Jama’atu Berlin, an organization banned due to allegations of Islamic Extremism, German officers raided apartments in Berlin and the surrounding state of Brandenburg, the state Interior Ministry announced.

The Epoch Times reported: “The raids were meant to secure its assets and look for evidence, authorities said, and no arrests were announced.”

Authorities say that the organization, whose name literally translates as the “Berlin Group,” is made up of two separate groups, one for men and one for women, who hold meetings, spread their message over the internet, and post flyers in public spaces.

Berlin’s state Interior Minister Andreas Geisel banned the organization on the grounds that the group was “very radical,” and follows the ideology of ISIS.

“The ban is another clear signal to all religious extremists. We will fight the roots of terror. We will tolerate no place where terror is preached and the ISIS terrorist group is glorified,” Geisel said.

According to authorities, the group espouses anti-Semitic rhetoric and has advocated for “armed jihad and terrorist attacks on civilians.”

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