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Supreme Court INTERVENTION for Trump… This is HUGE

The hush-money verdict stunned a lot of people, but I don’t see why.

This was a trial in New York, with a biased judge and a likely biased jury.

Trump’s best opportunity to win this case was always going to be on appeal, but now Mark Levin believes Trump should go right to the Supreme Court.


Levin believes that Trump should bypass his other appeals opportunities and go right to the Supreme Court.

He stated, “Therefore, there is not only a federal constitutional equal protection violation, in that this state trial court has purposefully interposed itself into the federal presidential election without authority or jurisdiction but has also violated the federal constitutionally protected due process rights of the future Republican nominee for president.

“Furthermore, the voters are to determine the federal election outcome without the interference of a state court attempting to influence the result.

“If President Trump is found guilty of any of the thirty-four charges, I would strongly encourage his attorneys to seek an emergency appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court based, at least in significant part, on Bush v. Gore.”

I have read several opinions on this and I lean into the group that believes Trump should use all appeals opportunities in the lower courts before going to the Supreme Court.

First and foremost, it behooves Trump to drag this out for as long as possible.

Even if Judge Merchan sentences Trump to jail time, he is unlikely to enforce the sentence until the appeals process is complete.

For Trump, delaying the sentence until after the election is just as good as overturning the verdict.

Secondly, why go right to the Supreme Court when you will have at least two opportunities to have the verdict overturned in the lower courts?

I am thinking worst-case scenario here with the Supreme Court expediting a verdict and Trump losing, which would mean any sentence imposed by Merchan would be immediately enforceable.

There is no need to rush this… quite the opposite.

The appeals process would easily drag into next year, so play this out and use the Supreme Court card if and when needed.

You also have to think big picture here in that you don’t want the conservative justices on the court to appear biased in favor of Trump, which is how the media and Dems will narrate any decision in his favor.

Take this to the appellate court and hope you can have the verdict overturned at the lower level without even having to put those justices in that position.

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