Antifa Thug Receives Huge Dose of Karma

If there is one thing I will never understand, it is why people make a point to commit crimes in front of the police.

I mean, I don’t understand why people commit crimes to begin with, but people doing it in front of a cop is a special kind of stupid.

What do they think that they are going to accomplish? I mean, the guy that is allowed to take you jail is STANDING RIGHT THERE!

Added to that, blatant disrespect against the police is something I don’t understand either. Don’t get me wrong, I get having a little animosity towards an individual cop if they were one of the few that steps over the line.

But to hate on every last police officer because of the actions of one rogue cop is something I don’t understand.

I also don’t get it when people lie to cops when there’s more than a fair shot that they know you are lying.

Every cop I have ever met in my life has always been good at pointing out someone’s obvious nonsense.

Take for instance the case of something that happened recently in Utah. A 19 year old Antifa thug was at a gas station and saw a “Back the Blue” sign that was affixed to the wall of the gas station.

Obviously thinking that they were making a statement of some kind, this Antifa piece of garbage took it upon themselves to tear down the poster and stomp all over it in front of the cop.

Of course, the cop asked this idiot where they got the sign. When they said that it belonged to the person, the cop knew she was lying.

The posters belonged to the local police department.

She was read her rights and booked into jail.

Now, I am not saying that even Antifa people shouldn’t protest. It is their right to, even if I don’t agree with what they would be protesting about.

Where I draw the line is when they start destroying property, even when it is something as simple as a poster.

Because you know full well, they would go after something more valuable if they could.

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