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Hunter Biden DENIES Child… SHAMEFUL

Navy Joan Roberts is, sadly, the daughter of Hunter Biden.

Her mother, Lunden Roberts, was a stripper during Hunter Biden’s crackhead days.

They had a storybook life… they met at a strip club, Hunter Biden knocked her up, then denied he even knew who she was.

Only the DNA test proved that Navy was his child.

Now Mom is making a request and Hunter Biden is trying to block it.

Not My Child

Lunden Roberts filed a petition on behalf of her daughter to be able to use the Biden family name.

She stated that the family name is “now synonymous with being well-educated, successful, financially acute, and politically powerful.”

There is also the political corruption thing, but I digress.

Hunter is trying to deny the request on the basis that Navy would never have “peaceful existence,” yet all his other children have his name.

One more fun little fact… to our knowledge, that great American family man Joe Biden and his wonderful and caring wife, Jill Biden, have never so much as sent that child a birthday card.

You want to get under Joe’s skin… ask him how his granddaughter Navy is doing the next time he makes an appearance in your city.

Source: Fox News

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