CDC Director Contradicts Blabbering Confused Biden

The Propaganda Ministry at the Imperial Palace had to drag CDC Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky out in front of reporters on Monday to control the damage from Joe Biden’s earlier incoherent gibberish. She managed to add even more to the confusion. Word around the campfire is that the Deep State is trying to make a deal with Disney Studios for an Audio-Animatronic Joe Biden, like the one they have in the Hall of Presidents. They can record Joe’s speech for him and put it up in front of the TV cameras. Nobody would know the difference and at least the palace would be sure the Joebot stuck to the script.

CDC avoids the answer

After Joe Biden gave a speech on Monday, December 20, where he called more test kits the answer to the whole crisis, Walensky was pushed into the press room and told to set the record straight.

She wasn’t counting on reporters throwing curve ball questions at her but the CDC honcho did her best to bat them back. One came in so hot she had to duck.

As reported by Faux News, Walensky “noticeably dodged a question pertaining to omicron’s timeline in the United States as questions emerge about when the White House first got wind of the new variant.”

The CDC isn’t taking the heat for Joe’s blunder, she insisted. That got the Democrats in even more trouble.


The CDC had to fix the damage done earlier in the day. Joe started babbling incoherently when asked about why there was such a shortage of test kits in the country when it seemed pretty clear to everybody for weeks that the [Nu-Xi-] Omicron variant was excessively viral.

Joe didn’t seem to understand the question but he did promise that despite large shortages throughout the country, he plans “to contain the highly contagious strain by purchasing and administering more tests.”

When did you realize?

After His Wisdom did such a wonderful job of confusing everyone and making them ask those dementia questions again, Director Walensky made her appearance. She was instantly ambushed.

Knowing that lying would only make things worse, she decided to throw Joe under the bus to defend the CDC. “When did you realize,” she was quizzed, “that omicron was going to spread this quickly? Obviously you had South Africa in November. When did you realize it was going to be this?”

Playing for time to think of an answer, she edged out an acknowledgment that “things are moving quickly. I know people are concerned.” Aha! back up and get the CDC back in charge of the narrative!

“So, maybe we will step back and reiterate, we are now seeing omicron in 73% in our projections of what we have right now. And in some areas of the country as you noted the areas are 90% omicron.” In other words, they knew it all along. Ask Joe why all the test kits aren’t on a truck. Oh that’s right, he was counting on Manchin for that.

Even rabidly progressive CNN reporter Phil Mattingly went for Biden’s throat over why the CDC is floundering on the latest mutation of the Asian Andromeda Strain. He asked Joe point blank whether the testing shortage would qualify as a “failure” on the administration’s part. That’s when Joe had a meltdown.

Contrary to what Dr. Walensky would say later, “the variant spread ‘almost overnight,'” Joe “blamed the testing shortage on the fact that nobody ‘anticipated that this was going to be as rapidly spreading as it did.'” Walensky stood firm for the CDC. “The pace by which omicron has spread is ‘exactly what we anticipated. This is what we have been preparing for.'”

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