Dr. Birx Can't Handle the HEAT, Scandal Goes Public and She's TOAST

Dr. Birx Can’t Handle the HEAT, Scandal Goes Public and She’s TOAST

After knowingly violating her own advice about COVID and the holidays, Dr. Deborah Birx is choosing to run and hide rather than own up to her hypocrisy.

Citing the “overwhelming” experience her family went through in the past week, Dr. Deborah Birx has announced that she will be retiring.

She has stated that she will assist the “Biden administration” if asked, but still plans to retire soon.


“I want the Biden administration to be successful. I’ve worked since 1980 in the federal government, first through the military, then through [the Department of Health and Human Services], and then detailed to the State Department and detailed here, where I hope I was helpful. I will be helpful in any role people think I can be helpful in, and then I will retire,” Birx said in an interview.

Dr. Birx came under fire after she traveled to one of her vacation properties in Delaware to “winterize” the property during the Thanksgiving holiday. For this outing, she brought three generations of her family, from two separate households, including her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren.


She was immediately called out for violating her advice to the American people about COVID, which was to “be vigilant” and limit gatherings to “your immediate household.”

What was her excuse, after being called out? “I did not go to Delaware for the purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving,” she said, as if the only reason people were angry is that she was celebrating the holiday.

Dr. Birx further illustrated her own hypocrisy in an interview on December 6, well after her Thanksgiving mistake. “We cannot go into the holiday season, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, with the same kind of attitude, that those gatherings don’t apply to me. They apply to everybody,” she stated.

The White House coronavirus response coordinator is now planning to retire because of the way she and her family were treated over the incident, which frustrated Americans who have been forced to not see their families due to COVID lockdowns that Birx supports.

“I have to say this experience has been a bit overwhelming,” Dr. Birx said on December 22.

“It’s been very difficult on my family. I think what was done in the last week to my family, you know, they didn’t choose this for me,” she added.

“You know, they’ve tried to be supportive, but to drag my family into this, when my daughter hasn’t left that house in 10 months, my parents have been isolated for 10 months, they’ve become deeply depressed, as I’m sure many elderly have as they’ve not been able to see sons, their granddaughters. My parents haven’t seen their surviving son for over a year. These are all very difficult things,” she continued.

As she is definitely not the first member of the elite class who has ignored their own guidance, the American people are rightly angry. California Governor Gavin Newsom, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and many others have faced similar backlash for their hypocritical behavior.

Either these Democrats truly believe rules do not apply to them, or they don’t actually think that COVID is as deadly as they want you to believe.

  1. Dr Birx knows the all out fraud and hypocrisy of the pandemic is soon going to break and is bailing out to avoid worse implicatins.

  2. Another public parasite issuing orders that they do not support. We have seen this for over 10 months while they have taken every side of every issue at one time or another. They claim to follow science yet they squelch other scientists who have a different set of REAL data that they simply disagree with because it often times proves they are not as wise as they want us to believe. The best case in point is the information gathered from practicing Doctors and scientists around the world who have either reduced suffering or saved lives by the use of HQL, ZPAC & zinc. These public parasites have worked over time to keep this information and assistance from thousands of Americans, many of whom died. Their deaths are on their hands, on their watch and on their accountability sheet.

  3. Of course they do. They all know that the whole thing is a complete fraud – a fantasy sickness created to sell a “vaccine”.
    Covid-19 is nothing other than the annual ‘flu with a new name – the published “symptoms” combined with medical statistics show this incontrovertibly.

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

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