Breaking: Fox Fires Another Conservative, Slides Further Left

Breaking: Fox Fired Another Conservative, Slides Further Left

As Fox News slides further left, the network has just fired yet another conservative, this time for unsubstantiated allegations of sexual harassment.

John Fawcett, 27, who works on Larry Kudlow’s Fox Business Network show, is suing Fox News claiming that he was sexually harassed by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

After making the allegations public and conducting an internal investigation, Fox News fired the former judge.


In his lawsuit against Fox, Fawcett claims that Napolitano “stroked his arm and made suggestive comments while they were on an elevator together.”

The lawsuit claims: “Even though the two had never met previously, Judge Napolitano stood awkwardly close to the plaintiff, started stroking his arm, and asked who the plaintiff worked for.”

According to the allegations in the lawsuit, Napolitano then suggestively said: “You see these hands? They look clean, but they get really dirty.”


“It was common knowledge that Judge Napolitano sexually harassed young men at Fox News, and it had even happened to one of the plaintiff’s co-workers,” the lawsuit states. “The plaintiff did not initially report the incident to human resources, however, because he did not want to jeopardize his career at Fox, but he did tell Mr. Dobbs.”

According to reporting from the Daily Mail:

“Fawcett told [Lou] Dobbs who in turn reported allegations to Fox’s chief human resources officer, Kevin Lord, who is alleged to have responded dismissively: ‘Well, what are you going to do about it?’

Fawcett claims the network did nothing to intervene despite there being two similar outstanding lawsuits against Napolitano.

He has said executives ‘will bend over backwards to protect such behavior so long as it is perpetrated by senior management or prominent on-air personalities.’”

The Fox Business employee has also claimed that he heard Larry Kudlow “use slurs and make sexually inappropriate remarks ‘in front of multiple staffers,’” including suggesting a “three-way” with another Fox anchor.

Even though Fox News chose to fire Napolitano, the network is still accusing Fawcett of looking for a big payout.

This isn’t the first time that allegations like this have been made against the former judge. Napolitano was hit with a lawsuit in 2020 for an alleged incident that occurred in 1988, which he has repeatedly denied. Fawcett is also claiming that there are two other pending harassment lawsuits against Napolitano.

John Nolte, Editor-at-Large for Breitbart News, made a great point about Napolitano’s firing, writing:

“To fire a guy and disgrace him for life over a single incident of flirting seems a bit over the top. But maybe there are additional allegations. Maybe the investigation turned up a real problem. Regardless, as a political and legal commentator, Napolitano was totally useless and a straight-up embarrassment…

At one time, Napolitano was a fairly interesting commentator. Even when I disagreed with him, he was at least thoughtful. But then, for whatever reason, like many others in the media, Trump so unwound the judge he repeatedly sold out his integrity and credibility.

Napolitano might not deserve to go down in a flame of harassment disgrace, but I’m sure not going to miss him.”

Many other conservatives, including America First host Sebastian Gorka, seem to agree with Nolte.

“Another NeverTrumper bites the dust,” Gorka tweeted.

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