Another Disastrous Biden Pick Aims to Target YOUR Children

If Joe Biden manages to usurp the White House he plans to install the same warped liberal who was in charge of forcing high school students to pollute their minds with “critical race theory.” The announcement proves that the Harris administration wants to target your children with progressive propaganda.

Biden wants to indoctrinate your children

It’s obvious from the Team Biden choice for a new Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, that they plan to totally indoctrinate the minds of young children with progressive nonsense.

They can’t teach such skills as reading or arithmetic but “Critical Race Theory” will be a primary part of the New World Order curriculum.


The Washington Free Beacon reported that Connecticut already forces all high schools to offer a course in “African-American, Puerto Rican and Latino studies.” The state’s board of education “unanimously approved its implementation on Wednesday.”

The class will count as a “full-year elective for students” but the liberal administrators on the board are hoping to make it mandatory. “the board is hoping that with enough momentum, it could expand and be required for all students.” Biden added to that momentum with his choice to replace Betsy DeVos.

The course curricula spells out under the heading of “Learning Objectives” that students will be guided through the progressive viewpoint to “analyze how race, power, and privilege influence group access to citizenship, civil rights, and economic power.”


You can pretty much expect “white guilt” to be shoved down the throat of every child. Joe Biden is backing George Soros all the way.

Students who are not Black or Latino

As Miguel Cardona stated on the record, “Let’s not forget the connection between kids wanting to be in school and kids attending school.” It’s not clear what he meant by that because all school age children are required to be in school, with limited exceptions based on circumstances.

Apparently Cardona and Biden think if Latinos had their own class, they would actually attend school instead of hanging out on the corner making CEO level money selling crack.

The Biden pick for top school official believes, that even though it’s great for students of color, White kids are the ones who really need it.

“We hear about windows and doors, that curriculum serves as a window into other cultures. This is a window into another culture for many students.”

Biden and Cardona already have support from an “expert review panel” which liberal Democrats packed with “educators who support critical race theory being taught in the classroom.”

It’s no surprise that one of their hand picked reviewers, Glenn Singleton, “founded an organization that teaches students that individualism, competition, politeness, the scientific method, planning for the future, and the nuclear family are aspects and assumptions of white culture.”

The last thing they want to hear out of any White student is any mention at all that their father actually lives in the same home.

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