Biden Family Scandal Widens as 6 More People Step Forward

There is no shock in the fact that more than just Hunter or Joe could have benefited from their business dealings from within the Biden family. Now House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer, claims he has identified “six additional members” who “may have benefited” from the Biden family business dealings. Comer has vowed to continue to investigate whether those dealings pose a “national security threat.”

The Republican Congressman from Kentucky, and other members of the committee, have visited the Treasury Department to view financial records related to the Biden family. Records that also included their past business associates, all of which is part of the Committee’s investigation.

“Thousands of pages of financial records related to the Biden family, their companies, and associates’ business schemes were made available to members of the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, which confirm the importance of this investigation,” Comer explained in a statement.

“The Biden family enterprise is centered on Joe Biden’s political career and connections, and it has generated an exorbitant amount of money for the Biden family,” Comer added.

Comer said that after he reviewed the documents the committee members have “identified six additional members of Joe Biden’s family who may have benefited from the Biden family’s businesses that we are investigating, bringing the total number of those involved or benefiting to nine.”

“The Oversight Committee will continue to pursue additional bank records to follow the Bidens’ tangled web of financial transactions to determine if the Biden family has been targeted by foreign actors and if there is a national security threat,” Comer continued.

This particular viewing of the additional financial records of the Biden’s came after the Treasury Department last month notified Comer that it would give the committee “in camera access” to suspicious activity reports (SARs). All of which are related to Hunter Biden and the Biden family’s foreign business deals.

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