Dozens Arrested…Town DESTROYED ‘Peaceful’ Protests

It was just another peaceful riot in America on Thursday night, after the Milwaukee County District Attorney refused to press charges against police officer Joseph Mensah for doing his job. Law enforcement was nowhere to be seen as anarchy reigned in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Peaceful rioters terrorize suburban residents

Michelle Obama keeps insisting that the riots are “mostly peaceful,” while intentionally ignoring the looting and window breaking, even when it moves into the suburban streets. The terrified local residents didn’t consider what was happening on their lawns Thursday night to be all that serene.


Radical followers of the Antifa “idea” organized by professional agitators aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement and funded by George Soros, with money the Rothschild family can’t even count, have formed themselves into a rabble army. They’re trained to cues by social media programming to riot automatically, whenever the police are linked to the shooting of a Black criminal. The suburban streets of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin just became the latest battleground. Peaceful rioters were filmed harmoniously smashing the windows of middle-class homes to prove a point.

That’s somebody’s home

As peaceful rioters shredded lawns and gardens with motorcycles just for the fun of it, and others carried strobes and powerful searchlights to shine in residential windows and intimidate the frightened families. Along with the light shining in came a hail of glass shattering rocks. Neighbors are heard screaming “That’s somebody’s home!”


One man was videoed confronting the peaceful radicals who were trampling his lawn with their feet and chewing it up with their machinery of mayhem. The rhetoric coming from the radical left suggests those homeowners should come out to the mailbox and start shelling out some reparation money pretty quick if they want to be left in peace. The police were nowhere in sight. The militia groups, as ordered, are standing back and standing by.

The peaceful riots continued Friday because the family of the criminal shot after pointing a gun at police were hauled away. “Alvin Cole’s mother, Tracy Cole, and his sisters, Taleavia and Tristiana Cole, were arrested Thursday night during the demonstration.” According to the Wauwatosa Police, “officers discovered a group of vehicles out after the 7 p.m. curfew. The vehicles were traveling across all lanes of traffic and officers used spike strips to stop them and protect other drivers. While most of these people cooperated when told they were under arrest, some refused to exit their vehicles. Law enforcement officers forcibly removed those who refused to exit in order to effectuate the arrests. Several more people were arrested during this encounter.”

Things are just as peaceful and calm on Saturday as they have been since the riots started, despite the ongoing curfew. On Friday, “law enforcement personnel arrested twenty-eight adults. Two of the arrests were felony arrests, one was a misdemeanor arrest, and twenty-five municipal arrests. The Wauwatosa Fire Department evaluated two adult arrestees for minor injuries. Law enforcement personnel recovered a handgun, materials to start fires, and a stolen vehicle.”

  1. These vile gang-bangers, foul-mouthed ANTIFA anarchists, shriekers and in-your-face “violence-provoking ghetto-rats” will very soon be taking the ‘Room Temperature Challenge’. These domestic terrorists will be attacked without warning, overwhelming speed and violence of action. They will be dropped where they stand and NEVER get up.

    These generations of asocial barbarians [Black & White] can never be saved, ‘domesticated’, contained, controlled or re-educated to join any civilized society. Eradication and total annihilation of their ilk is the only possible solution. Like any terrorist, they will be given a dirt nap; then fed to the pigs, vultures and sharks.

    This is a Civil war, a war of human attrition and clearly a “To-the-DEATH” Racial war, that we will win! Their BLM diseased simian blood and ANTIFA’s domestic predator blood will turn our streets, creeks and rivers red. Bring it, you vile sub-human savages; or we will take it to YOU!

    If you are among the aggressive mob rioters, as a spectator, the press or an active thug attacker, you will be carried off in a body-bag none-the-less. Be forewarned and AVOID the rioting if you value your life. Otherwise, “THE SKY WILL FALL ON YOU, AS WELL”. Way past time to stop pissing off old white men who have more guns than any Army. You will not survive!

  2. I would blame the peaceful rioters for this, but I also would blame the the victims for allowing it. They should have prevented most of the behaviour with fusillades of well-aimed bullets and buckshot.

  3. These p*ssys only attack cause no one fights back . Start killing them as soon as they show up and see how fast this crap stops . You cant depend on the law cause there is no more laws and order in our country and you can thank the delusional democrats for that . And still you dumb a** snow will vote for them . Maybe the right should start acting like the left and burn their homes and loot their stores , and yes … kill them for being so damn stupid . Only way to stop them is to fight back and be crazer then them . That , they will understand .

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