Patriot Rally Turns Deadly

Breaking News: Patriot Rally Turns Deadly

According to a report by The Denver Post, competing protests in Denver on Saturday afternoon left a conservative demonstrator dead. A Patriot Rally, and a counter-protest dubbed the “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive”, clashed and led to a deadly shooting.

The shooting was caught on multiple livestreams and shared on social media. The following videos showing the incident from two different angles, are extremely graphic (language and visual):


The man who was shot was participating in a ‘Patriot Rally’ of conservatives and Trump supporters, which had been organized by conservative social media figure John Tiegen. Leftists showed up to counter-protest the event, naming their counter-protest the “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive”. The event quickly turned violent as left-wing activists attacked conservatives.

Allegedly, during a heated argument, the right-wing protester sprayed mace at the BLM activist, who retaliated by shooting him with a handgun.


Two men were immediately arrested by police, which was also captured on the livestream.

  1. Been saying that for a long time now. All republicans and smart democrats(I hope there are some) get out and vote republican.

  2. I keep saying trump needs to invoke the 14th amendment . And take down the terrorists running wild in our country , then their leaders in the delusional democrats . Send the seals team 6 to take george soro out of the equation of the elections . Get our country running right again , free of the retarded democrats and their snowflakes

  3. This is so sad These f*cking punks have been allowed do do anything they want with no fear of prosecution Now another man dies and they will continue to die unless someone does something about it I am afraid of what will happen if this kind of thing continues to happen I do believe that the righteous people of this country will take things in their own hands This is caused by liberals and socialists/communists I would liken it to a Christian crusade It is well over due time to rid the vermin from our great country I don’t think these liberal morons think that once something starts it will not be a small thing No it will be a fire storm that likes of these morons have never seen So liberals I would have to say you are at or nearly at the top of the menu The top is our communist people in or Congress and Senate school teachers We are not going to allow communists pedophiles and any other unhealthy teaching So if you want to keep it going just remember what I am saying

  4. Whatever Private Security Service hired this Nutbag needs to review their hiring qualifications/practices or have their license for service revoked. Sounds like this dude was a Leftwing Nutcase long before he was hired.
    The “News” Station/Channel needs to be held liable as well. As a Contractor hiring a Sub-Contractor, you are liable for their actions while they’re working for you under Colorado Law.

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