Donald Trump Issues Lengthy Statement

Liberal Judge Goes NUCLEAR on Trump… Game Changer

The DOJ is being weaponized against Trump again, only this time it is a panel of liberal judges hitting the power button.

You know that little issue regarding Russian collusion that we all thought was put to bed?

Well, a progressive organization has sued to have a DOJ memo on the matter released, and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals is going to let it happen.

To What Point?

With Trump out of office, the argument being made is that he would have faced charges were he not the president at the time.

That was NOT the conclusion of the Mueller report, which did not find evidence of collusion.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, however, wants the memo because it believes this memo shows that Trump would have been prosecuted under normal circumstances.

The judges on the panel are all Obama and Clinton judges, so this was about as rigged as it gets.

So, it now looks like we will have to relive this Russian collusion story, again, if Trump decides to run for office.

The plan has to be to exhaust the entire party to move away from Trump.

I continue to ask one question… why do they fear this man so much?

You can read the full report in Politico.

Source: Politico

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