DETAILS: Another Biden Executive Order

DETAILS: Another Biden Executive Order

Joe Biden plans to sign yet another executive order on January 25, adding to the concerns of many Americans that the Democrat plans to circumvent Congress to enact most of his policy proposals. According to officials within his administration, the planned executive order aims to increase government purchases from U.S. manufacturers.

Roughly 540,000 factory jobs have been lost in the United States since February of 2020 due to the recession caused by the COVID pandemic and Democrat lockdowns.

According to the anonymous officials, the order would use the $600 billion that the federal government spends on procurement to boost American factories and hiring. This seems to be just another instance of Democrats trying to use government spending to fix the economy, rather than removing stifling regulations and orders that have hurt the economy in the first place, which would allow the businesses to build themselves back up.

According to Fox 26 Houston, “Biden’s order would modify the rules for the Buy American program, making it harder for contractors to qualify for a waiver and sell foreign-made goods to federal agencies. It also changes rules so that more of a manufactured good’s components must originate from U.S. factories. American-made goods would also be protected by an increase in the government’s threshold and price preferences, the difference in price over which the government can buy a foreign product.”

The order creates a position at the White House Office of Management and Budget to enforce these goals by monitoring the initiative and focusing on making sure the government buys more products made domestically.

It seems that Biden is trying to make up for the fact that he has already cost the United States tens of thousands of jobs through the executive orders he has already signed.

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