Democrat Governor Signs Legislation Paving Way for Increased Abortions

Baby killing Democrat Governor David Ige just signed a law that will make abortions easier to get in the deep blue island state of Hawaii. He thinks allowing nurses to perform quick and simple procedures will help to boost tourism, as liberal sluts flock there from conservative places where baby killing isn’t so convenient.

Abortions for everyone

Hawaii Governor David Ige proudly signed the legislation which hit his desk on Monday. It reportedly “allows advanced practice registered nurses to prescribe medication that ends pregnancies as well as perform aspiration abortion in the first trimester.” Liberal prospective moms who aren’t real happy about their condition can get it fixed in a jiffy.

What Democrats like to call “aspiration abortions” means going in with a surgical shop-vac. “A vacuum is used to empty a woman’s uterus, and under the Hawaii law could be performed in a hospital, clinic or nurse’s office.” That way they can sell any tissue they recover to the highest bidder.

There are a few other liberal Democrat run states where baby killing is just as easy. As listed by Associated Press, other states “that allow these nurses to perform such abortions include: California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Virginia, Vermont and West Virginia.”

Up until now, only “physicians” were legally allowed to murder infants. The islanders on the outskirts were being disadvantaged and inconvenienced when they wanted to murder an unwanted child so the problem had to be fixed.

They just can’t get good abortions in the island chain unless you’re in a city. The islands of “Kauai, Molokai and Lanai have recently lacked abortion care providers.”

They have been forced to get by “with one provider in Maui having to fly to other islands twice a month.” That is simply unacceptable to Planned Parenthood.

Reproductive health care

“This act will enable people who desperately need reproductive health care services to receive health care from very high quality health care providers, including advanced practice registered nurses, where they need it, when they need it, and in their own communities,” Laura Reichardt declares.

The director of the Hawaii State Center for Nursing was at the bill signing ceremony. Abortions aren’t real helpful to “reproduction,” and as far as health care, the procedure isn’t real healthy for the baby, who can’t do much to fight back against a surgical shop-vac attack.

Even so, the state of Hawaii is convinced that because advanced practice registered nurses “have obtained at least a master’s degree,” they can “diagnose patient problems and prescribe medications.” Medications like the infamous “morning after” pill. If that doesn’t work, they can hook up the shop-vac. At least they don’t use those messy coat hangers these days. It’s amazing how hard liberals fight for abortions.

Between killing any baby that manages to be conceived, and psychological birth control, Democrats are destined for extinction. Especially since most democrats only resort to heterosexual experiences when they’re really wasted, on a dare, or just to try it out to see what all the hype is about.

Over at the Associated Press, they are run by liberals so it’s no surprise how enthusiastic they are in their reporting baby killing techniques, and any law that makes them easier to kill.

They glowingly describe how “the legislation signed by Ige cited studies that found abortions are safe when performed by qualified licensed health care providers who are not physicians.” They also couldn’t wait to point out that “Hawaii has a history of favoring abortion rights, becoming the first state in the U.S. to allow an abortion at a woman’s request.”

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