Why an Audit is Necessary in Every Major County

The confidence of the American people in the validity and security of our elections is at a critical level. According to recent polling from Morning Consult, two-thirds of Republicans and nearly half of all independents lack confidence in our electoral system. Tensions nationwide are incredibly volatile as 43 state governments work to desperately restore their citizens’ faith through a series of measures designed to close gaps in the porous system that led to so many irregularities in 2020 while Democrat-Socialists in Washington desperately attempt to seize control from the States to prevent it. For these reasons alone an audit in every single major county of the United States is absolutely necessary but could prove impossible, the problem is so much deeper than that.

America is now enmeshed in “an uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal,” Joe Biden said in his “inaugural address”, it’s an “uncivil” war that is about to take that radical jump to a full-blown conflict not merely in a rhetorical sense if unchecked.

According to The Christian Science Monitor

“Americans have mixed feelings about elections, according to polls. Overall, they are not confident in their honesty. Heading into the 2020 vote, 59% of Americans said they did not trust the outcome to be fair, according to a Gallup survey.”

By any logical, objective view, the greater the scrutiny applied to the election of 2020, the better off the nation will be. If substantial evidence of manipulation isn’t revealed then the public’s faith can be restored (as unlikely as that is with the preponderance of evidence already revealed). And of course, if the results should confirm the fears of a corrupted election then steps can be taken by the states to redress the situation through the impeachment of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by a GOP Majority House of Representatives in 2022. But the problem is, we just aren’t capable of being objective anymore.

A Truly Bi-Partisan Audit In Every County Is Necessary- Because There Is No Trust

A public, bi-partisan electoral audit of every major county, every state is desperately needed, though such action is now thoroughly impossible due to the polemic divide between parties that now view one another as enemies.

Peter Grier observed

“Democrats increasingly believe that the nation’s governance structure is tilted against them and that they do not win seats commensurate with their numbers, due to the Electoral College and other factors. They’re pushing for new states and other major changes to flip what they perceive as a structural imbalance

Meanwhile, in the election’s aftermath, the parties are embracing very different ideas about which direction democracy should take. Republicans are all-in on enacting new voting restrictions, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas recently told a group of GOP state lawmakers. If Democrats succeed in pushing through far-reaching election legislation currently before the Senate, Republicans won’t win elections for a generation, Senator Cruz said.

Most voters agree with that assessment, according to polls. Only 16% believe democracy is thriving in the United States, according to a survey from The Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Some 45% think U.S. democracy isn’t functioning properly.”

It’s a paradox. The only thing that can prevent further division is a unified effort across party lines to assess the true state of our electoral system. What we need desperately is to trust one another, which is the one thing that we simply cannot seem to do. How can you trust a group that has proven itself so completely untrustworthy as the Democrats? How can Democrats entrust their fate to someone they’ve been trained from near-birth are a threat to their very existence? So indoctrinated are the Democrats that they can’t possibly trust Republicans. So we drift further apart.

This is the state of our nation: one-third of our nation doesn’t trust another third of our nation, and one-third is torn between them and secretly thinks both are crazy, but everything is so hyper-polarized they have to pick a side or face the wrath of both. The numbers are according to Pew Research. But the analysis is all original. The left cannot believe anything that someone on the right says, and vice-versa.


Yes, an audit is completely necessary, the problem is that it could only potentially change the minds of about 34% of the population, the remaining 65% WILL. NEVER. AGREE. If this persists, how long will it be until we are truly separate nations?

(The 30 Star Flag of 1848 (Representative of the 30 States Carried By President Trump in 2016) | A modified Flag with the logo of the Democratic Socialists of America in red, superimposed over the union.)


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