Days After Taking Cheney's Job, Elise Makes One of Her Most Important Announcements

Days After Taking Cheney’s Job, Elise Makes One of Her Most Important Announcements

Days after taking over disgraced RINO Representative Liz Cheney’s position as chair of the House Republican Conference, Representative Elise Stefanik has made a very important announcement: she’s pregnant.

Rep. Elise Stefanik was first elected in 2014, and was elevated to the position of chair of the House Republican Conference in May after RINO Rep. Liz Cheney was removed for consistently siding with the Democrats against the will of her own voters.

Stefanik announced in a post on Twitter that she and her husband, Matthew Manda, are expecting their first child later this fall.


The fourth-term Congresswoman from upstate New York sent out a tweet on June 5 announcing the new addition to her family. The tweet included a picture of Stefanik and Manda sitting together, with their hands on her baby bump.

“We are absolutely overjoyed to announce that our small family of 2 will soon be 3! We’re excited to share that we are expecting a baby this fall & we cannot wait to meet our precious bundle of joy. Thank you for the warm wishes from so many. We are truly blessed. -Elise & Matt,” she tweeted.



Conservatives were quick to congratulate the representative on the big news.

“Such good news! Congratulations, Elise and Matt!” tweeted Representative Kevin McCarthy.

“So wonderful!!! Congratulations to you both!!!” wrote podcast host Liz Wheeler.

Of course, the left was quick to jump on to Stefanik’s tweet to criticize her. Leave it to the radical snowflakes to find a way to criticize someone for announcing their pregnancy.

I see @kayleighmcenany has congratulated you. She lied and lied to the American peoples to protect Trump. She will have to answer to her daughter one day soon when she start questioning her. Will you lie to your child or allow Mcenany any where near?” one leftist asked.

“You can’t be truly happy to be giving birth to a baby in a country at a time when you, yourself, are actively working to make it less safe, less free, and less prosperous, can you? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself when I looked in that little one’s eyes the day they arrive,” another lunatic wrote.

Surprisingly though, one Democrat stood up for her, writing: “Can we ignore the fact that she is a Republican Representative and congratulate her? To look beyond the politics, there is nothing more special than the announcement of a new addition to a family. Congratulations!”

The left claims to support mothers who focus on their career, but in reality they only support people who conform to their ideology. Stefanik’s news is wonderful, and any sane person would and should be happy for her.

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