RINO Group Using CNN to Help Push Their Horse Manure Propaganda

A whole herd of rogue RINO traitors stampeded for the CNN studio on Monday to stir up dust on their efforts to bushwhack the Republican party away from conservatives. What they left behind was a lot of horse manure. At least they made it easy to know who’s on which side.

RINO v Lion

There are two possibilities for a Conservative political future and America is poised at the cusp. One option is weeding out all the RINO Democrat Sleeper cells that infiltrated the GOP, the other is for conservatives to start over from scratch with a brand new party. The one with the lion mascot seems to be gaining in popularity.

Libertarians warn that the idea of going solo has it’s own set of challenges. Their ranks are filled with the radical ultra-right, but nobody ever votes for them. The decision will be a tough one and 2022 is coming up fast.

The New World Order puppet masters have given their RINO moderate “operatives” instructions to carry out a mission. The objective is for “moderates” to squeeze any deplorable conservative right out of the Republican party, in an effort to “reclaim” it from the “Trumpists.”

Orwellian doublespeak at it’s finest. 1984 was never meant to be an instruction manual but Democrats didn’t get that memo.

A group of anti-Trump political terrorists calling themselves “The Republican Accountability Project” cooked up a RINO scheme to “track and evaluate” fellow Republicans in Congress. They give a thumbs up on the ones liberal enough to stay and thumbs down on the ones they want to feed to the lions.

The lions over at the Patriot Party welcome them with open paws. At CNN, they hit the hot button to declare a full on inquisition to find out which Republicans dared to help overturn the 2020 “election.”

Democracy Report Card

You know there has to be something fishy about “Republicans” who come up with a report card focusing on “Democracy.” The whole RINO scheme becomes crystal clear when you learn that rabidly left-leaning GOP members are rewarded with “A” grades for “excellent” compliance while conservatives like Jim Jordan are branded “failures” with an “F.”

CNN were the first to get a good look at the grades. They saw them even before the lawmakers did. Details “of the report card were first shared with CNN ahead of its release on Monday.”


The Republican Accountability Project is led along the primrose path to the jagged cliff edge by GOP registered members “who were outspoken in their opposition against former President Donald Trump’s reelection.” Olivia Troye and Elizabeth Neumann, for instance.

The treacherous RINO cabal “operates as part of the advocacy organization Defending Democracy Together founded by prominent Trump critic Bill Kristol and Sarah Longwell.” The good news is that there aren’t a lot of them in Congress.

According to the RINO report card, only “14 Republicans in Congress received an ‘A,’ the highest possible grade. In contrast, more than 100 Republicans received an ‘F,’ the lowest possible grade.” Troye calls herself “a radically moderate conservative.”

She’s convinced their scheme “says a lot about where the Republican Party is” and “speaks to the overall direction of where the GOP is based on where Trump has played a role and led it and how Trumpism has taken hold of the base of the party.” She’s absolutely right. Either the Republicans in Name Only will be ejected or the true conservatives will jump ship to start fresh. The Patriot Party is waiting.

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