C’mon Man…Head Senate Investigators Release Biden Documents and it’s More Disgusting Than We Had Initially Thought

Senators Charles Grassley and Ron Johnson are at it again. All Joe Biden can come up with is “C’mon Man,” as investigators release fresh documents which are even more disgusting than Americans initially thought. New records confirm things like “counterintelligence and extortion concerns.”

Biden family connections

“These new records confirm the connections between the Biden family and the communist Chinese government,” the Senators write. They also detail “the links between Hunter Biden’s business associates and the Russian government.”

Trump wasn’t colluding with Russia but Quid Pro Joe and his cracked-out offspring were. These are serious charges for someone who came alarmingly close to stealing the election, because “such relationships created counterintelligence and extortion concerns.”


The senators have been digging deep into Hunter Biden and his shady business deals with communist countries. They found some fresh evidence which was so compelling they had to share it with the public in a “supplement” to their original report.

Democrats went spastic when they released the main report ahead of the election. The Republicans pushed back hard, calling the democrat whining “baseless” because “their effort was grounded in documented facts, and had uncovered troubling connections.”

Because the media was complicit in the scheme to help Joe and Kamala steal the election, they aren’t about to report what was in the recent five-page supplement, backed up with 65 pages of hard evidence.


Since the first edition came out, “new sources went public with additional information about business relationships and financial arrangements among and between the Biden family and their business associates, including several foreign nationals.”

Consistent with other records

The freshly disclosed information is fully consistent with “other records within the Committees’ possession which show millions of dollars being transferred from a Chinese entity linked to the communist party.” We already knew about Tony Bobulinski.

Back in 2017 Bobulinski worked with Rob Walker, Hunter, and James Biden who is Joe’s brother. They cobbled together a “a joint venture with a Chinese Communist Party-linked business CEFC China Energy.” It went bankrupt but while it was going, they funneled millions to Hunter, who dutifully split the cash with his dad, under the table.

As Grassley and Johnson conclude, millions of dollars were ultimately sent to accounts “linked to James and Hunter Biden.” Besides shaking the Chinese down for millions and holding an unearned seat on a Ukraine energy company’s board, the organized crime family was conspiring with Russia.

Hunter must have done something special to please Elena Baturina, the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. He “received a $3.5 million wire transfer” from her. He also “opened a bank account with” Gongwen Dong, to fund “a $100,000 global spending spree” with James Biden and James’ wife Sara.

Hunter Biden knew full well he needed to skate around the law because what he was doing was obvious bribery. One of his text messages to Bobulinski made it crystal clear that “one of his goals was to avoid violating the anti-bribery Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.” That’s why he really didn’t want to have to “register as a foreign agent.”

  1. The Dems from Hillary to Comey to QUID PRO JOE & the communist owned Press, (Hitler also showed us how he did it, beforre burining the books) all have escaped prosecution for serious Felonies while Repubs have been given the death penalty for traffic tickets

  2. Who would a thought Quid Pro Joe was involved in criminal actions? Democrats do love and support their Banditos.

  3. This says those in the MORON MEDIA AKA RECTUM SUCKING PUPPETS of the Democraps need to be stripped of their press credentials permanently and those Stations and Networks should be shut down permanently as well. While CNN, MSNBC And CNBC might get around the License loss since they are called Cable stations/Networks which have no license as Networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS without our Credentials to get into Government Offices and that would kill them. FOX should also be on the List because they have joined the MORON MEDIA.

  4. So when are the arrests coming? If I did this I would be charged with treason and probably shot by a firing squad before even being arrested. Where are the prosecutors in this country these days that we don’t see one prosecutor doing their jobs. I am sure this is illegal what they did and probably are still doing. All these millions of dollars the democrats have for elections have to be coming from somewhere and I know it’s not me, that’s for sure.

  5. Why are the comments in black as I would like to read them. Why the black background. It can’t be fixed??

  6. Felons can’t vote but criminals such as this can run for the highest office in the country.??? Money does amazing things that’s for sure

  7. The delusional democrats already showed they dont care how f#cked up old joe is . They are still trying to rig the elections no matter how retarded old joe and their plans are for the country . As long as they win is all that matters . No one seems to care why they go so far to the left to win . As long as they win . Is the hole damn country gone so corrupt ??? With all the problems old joe is having with he’s son and the family crime , they still try to fix the election so old joe can be put in the office. .. why ??? Why would they try so hard to put old joe in the office knowing he’s going by by in his mind ???? Makes no sense , Unless they have a bigger plan that doesn’t include old joe . Everyone thinks old joe will lead them in to the new year … wrong . If he doesn’t end up in jail with his son , they will replace him cause he’s losing it mentaly . So what’s their plan one may ask ??? Others Then delusional democrats will be running the country behind closed doors and you the dumb ass people will suffer big time for helping old joe win with voter fraud . It’s amazing how much yall hate trump cause the delusional democrats said to . Calling trump a nazi and Hitler even tho he never told anyone to kill like the delusional democrats did … who’s the nazi ? Trump didn’t let terrorists burn our citys and loot them , the delusional democrats did … who’s the nazi . who killed black kids and then said … some must die for their cause ??? Mary Lightfoot did . she’s a delusional democrat . So once again who’s the nazi ??? Try getting your heads out of your ass’s and see through the smoke screen the delusional democrats put in front of you befor its to late . They can’t use old joe for the future of their purpose . Both hillary and Obama will be part of the delusional democrats corruption even tho they both should be in jail for their corruption and breaking our laws . Yet the delusional democrats cover for them . Waiting for the good news where they all go to jail for the corruption against the country and people of the USA.


  9. Biden crime cartel, just like the Clinton crime family. Seems to run in the dem/commie party. Not only is Joe slipping into dementia and should be disqualified for his health, but should also be disqualified for his trough raiding

  10. No illegal acts in the investigations of all the Biden’s and friends by Barr/Durham/Huber or any other “Special Investigator” of the DOJ or the FBI….Why I’ll go so far to say that NO one but ONE stupid Lawyer will ever be indicted… notice I said indicted and NOT prosecuted….IF by some chance the lawyer gets some kind of small amount of time in the “Hilton of Correctional Centers”….maximum amount of time to be served will be minimal with a FULL pardon waiting to be signed by some outgoing president in the near future.

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