GOP Vindicated By Voters

The governor of Iowa said she was “disappointed in the current state of the race” for the president but said how the many GOP wins were vindicated by voters. 

Iowa Voters Came Out Strong

Governor Kim Reynolds made it clear she is a fan of President Donald Trump and saying that the United States would greatly benefit from having a second term of his presidency.

She pointed out how Iowa voters agreed with where Trump defeated Joe Biden by over 138,000 in the state.


The 2020 presidential election has been highly contested and the Trump campaign continues to say they have mounting evidence that may be able to secure a win for Donald Trump.

Election Not Over Yet

Many states are uncalled despite what the fake mainstream media claims.

“I’m disappointed in the current state of the race nationwide, but we’re still waiting for all votes to be tallied and for decisions to be made about disputed ballots,” Reynolds said, in the statement. ”The American people deserve a fair, transparent election. Everyone should want to ensure that the integrity of our election process is intact and that anyone found guilty of wrongdoing is held accountable.”


She repeats the fact that Iowa voters have validated the GOP with their overwhelming votes for Trump and other Republicans.

Runoff races in Georgia may determine if Republicans hold onto a Senate majority or if the Democrats will secure control of both houses in Congress.

Battleground States for Senate

According to Newsmax:

Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire appear to be possible GOP pickups. First-term Sen. Catherine Cortez Mastro is up for reelection in Nevada, which remains a key swing state, Fox News said.

Republicans in Arizona will be targeting Democrat Mark Kelly, who will serve the final two years of the late Sen. John McCain’s term. The GOP also sees Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., as possibly vulnerable.

Pointing to Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire, Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., the incoming Republican Senatorial Committee chairman, said that “those are clearly areas that we have a chance to pick up.”

“If you take states like Illinois and Connecticut, they’re really reeling and they’re mad at their government,” he said. “We have a shot across the country if we have good candidates and we raise our money and we run good campaigns.”

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