Breaking: China Begins Bombing

In preparation for Joe Biden’s virtual Democracy Summit, Xi Jinping ordered another round of practice airstrikes. They’re carpet bombing islands in the disputed South China Sea, calculated to send the message to Taiwan that “they’re next.”

China practices bombing Taiwan

It’s no secret in worldwide intelligence communities that the only reason China is “bombing islands and laying underwater mines” is to send “a threatening message to the U.S. and Taiwan amid growing tensions.”

Analysts explain that the People’s Liberation Army displayed the “traditional bombing capability” of the PLA Navy’s latest bomber, the H-6J, “in addition to its standoff strike competence.”


Xi Jinping has been pushing the envelope militarily in the South China Sea for months, with the Pooh Bear’s behavior becoming “increasingly aggressive” the weaker Joe Biden appears.

He recently threatened Minister of State “Blinky” Blinken, that if we don’t back off with our ships and subs in their privately claimed international waters, the Chinese Navy will sail into Perl Harbor next.


In diplomatic political speak the MSM reports the Chinese Communist Party “has asserted several territorial claims in the sea region, though they are disputed by other nations situated in the region, such as the Philippines and Vietnam.”

More importantly, the sea “also lies to the south of the island of Taiwan, which governs itself as an independent country, but which China claims is part of its territory.” It really made Xi upset when Imperial Leader Joe Biden decided to invite Taiwan to the Democracy Summit.

Effectively tested the accuracy

Chinese media is proudly proclaiming victory over the uninhabited islands, even under unfavorable conditions. Chinese Naval “aviation force bomber crews assigned to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Southern Theater Command took off at night, formed aerial formations and reached the designated sea training area at daybreak, under inclement weather conditions.”

First, China “practiced dropping ‘sea bottom’ mines in the ocean and then practiced bombing small islands and reefs in the area,” just to show how good they are at it.

“We have effectively tested the accuracy and reliability of both types of munitions,” Zhang Yanjie, a deputy commander of the regiment told reporters. China further boasts they were only warming up.

“For the next step, we will pursue innovations in tactics and approaches with the realistic situation of the enemies taken into consideration, and make breakthroughs in using new types of weapons and equipment.” Enemies like the U.S. that is.

China still has a few aces up their sleeve too. “The H-6J bombers also carried YJ-12 anti-ship missiles. It was unclear from the Chinese media reports if bomber crews also tested out these weapons.” Derived “from the Cold War-era Russian Tupelov Tu-16 bomber. The aircraft can carry out the traditional bomber role, as well as carry standoff weapons like anti-ship and land-attack cruise missiles.”

It’s clear to all the experts “the bomber drills could serve as a deterrence to foreign forces and ‘Taiwan secessionists,’ of whom the analysts claimed have been making ‘provocations’ in the region.” U.S. Indo-Pacific Command commanding Admiral John Aquilino backs that up. “China is overseeing the largest military buildup the world has seen since World War II,” he warns.

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