Republican STRIPPED of Duties

A Republican state senator was stripped of her duties in an overwhelming vote to do so.

GOP at Odds

The Virginia State Senate voted to oust state Senator Amanda Chase from her one and only committee assignment.

In 2019, she left the Republican caucus which resulted in her being stripped from three committee appointments.


Chase was serving on only one committee which was the Local Government Committee.

In a staggering 37-1 vote, in which Chase was the one no vote, she was removed from her committee as of Tuesday.

Chase Insists She’s with Republicans

Chase says she has not turned her back on the Republican Party.


“I have not left the Republican party. I am still a Republican, they are not,” Chase said in an interview.

Democrats have come after the Republican senator and made moves towards a possible censure of Chase. Democrat lawmakers have made claims saying she started “insurrection against the United States.”

ABC 8 News reports:

“In a party-line vote Tuesday, the Senate Privileges and Election committee advanced the resolution to the Senate floor.

The Democratic caucus in the Senate asserted that the Republican gubernatorial contender helped empower “a failed coup d’état” at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 and called on Chase to resign from office before the censure was introduced. Getting two-thirds of the chamber to vote and expel Chase is unlikely so Democrats have opted for a formal statement of disapproval with the censure, which only needs a majority of senators to approve.”

Stripped Because of Her Support of Trump?

It is unclear at this point if Chase deserved to be stripped of her duties or if she is just being attacked for supporting President Trump. Some claim that she defended the small riot that happened at the Capitol on January 6. But she adamantly denies doing anything wrong.

“If I have offended any of you in this room, because I am very passionate about the Constitution, I apologize,” said Chase, who is running for governor. “I would like to put this behind us and move forward in a constructive positive manner.”

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