Chris Wallace Admits He is Jealous

Chris Wallace Admits He is Jealous…

In discussing the last presidential debate, Chris Wallace had some interesting and completely self-centered commentary.

Chris Wallace, who moderated the first presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, seems to have trouble focusing on what is actually important.

The Fox News host spent most of the debate attacking the president and helping Biden. President Trump even commented on this during the event, telling Wallace: “I guess I’m debating you.”

Even Biden accidentally said it, in a gaffe-filled clip posted on Twitter by Sean Hannity. Discussing the first debate, Joe Biden said that Trump “interrupted Chris Wallace and me,” as if they were a team:

Many Republicans were furious with Wallace, who made clear by his actions that he was a supporter of the former vice president, rather than an impartial moderator.

As for the final debate, Wallace had his opinions on who did better, and his answers were anything but shocking.

“I think it was a good debate. A good substantive debate. Two competing visions for the Country,” the Fox News host said.

“I thought that Biden had many more specific plans, whether it came to COVID, whether it came to handle climate change, whether it came to how to handle health care,” Wallace continued.

But what was Wallace’s main focus? He wished he had been a part of this debate, rather than the one he failed to moderate.



“Well, first of all, I’m jealous,” he said on Fox News’ live coverage of the event. “I would have liked to have been able to moderate that debate.”


But the fact is, Wallace had no one to blame but himself. If he had been an impartial moderator, and had actually done his job, the first debate could have been similar to the last. Instead, he chose to allow Biden to interrupt Trump first, which led to both candidates constantly interrupting each other. Wallace also let Biden get away with not answering tough questions, while he focused on debating the president himself.

It’s quite telling that the first comment Wallace had about the final debate was about himself, as he willingly made himself the star of the first debate.

  1. Chris Wallace is an old democrat, and I am not that interested in anything he has to say. If Trump wins, we can hope Wallace is finished in the news business. That would be bad for him because I don’t think he has any marketable skills. Maybe Dan Rather can come up with someone that would hire him. Maybe he saved some of the loot he made back when people thought he was an actual news man.

  2. Chris Wallace should be jealous of his father, who was a real journalist rather than just a pathetic joke.

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