A renegade Deep State turncoat stepped out of the DOJ shadows to stab Attorney General William Barr in the back. After a 36-year career, Phillip Halpern threw a snit fit and posted his resignation letter in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

DOJ terrified of AG Barr

Note: This story was originally published with an incorrect image featuring US District Court Judge Philip Halpern rather than DOJ attorney Phillip Halpern. We apologize for the mistake.

Radical liberals in the department are terrified that Attorney General William Barr actually believes that agents in the Federal Bureau of Instigation and attorneys in the Department of Injustice should be required to obey the laws. Barr really frowns on their habits of setting people up with manufactured evidence and he doesn’t care that J. Edgar Hoover himself was the one who started it. Freshly retired United States Attorney Halpern insists that the DOJ should be allowed to carry on their Deep State operations independent of nosy administrations and their watch dog Inspectors General.

President Trump has been a “yuge” problem for the Deep State shadow government because, unlike former Republican presidents, he isn’t working with the Rothschilds to advance their global arms dealing interests. The reason the swamp dwellers in both parties are always complaining that President Donald Trump is an “outsider” is because he isn’t taking orders from the people who order George Soros around. Reagan and the Bushes used the Deep State apparatus of the FBI and DOJ to their fullest advantage. Just Google “Iran Contra.” Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have both been conspiring to help Hillary, who everyone knows ran Bill’s administration. Barack tried to help her rig the election against Trump because everyone knew it “was her turn.” The same agents and lawyers who bent over backwards to help Hillary are desperate today, because their coup plot to remove Trump after he unbelievably won the election failed and now everyone knows all about how it failed.

Halpern writes that he’s “fleeing” what was once the Department of Justice. He “proudly served 19 different attorneys general and six different presidents. For the last three-plus decades” and managed to get along with all of them because not a single one questioned DOJ methods. All they cared about were that the results fitted their plans and kept the people who put them in office happy. In a twisted and perverted way, Halpern actually sees the conniving and corruption of manufacturing evidence to frame their targets as the proper way to show dedication “to the rule of law and the guiding principle that justice is blind.” His idea of “blind justice” is when she looks the other way.

Lies and fictitious evidence

Halpern could read the graffiti on the wall when Attorney General Barr dared to question Robert Mueller’s report, following a witch hunt of an investigation which found nothing, because it was based on lies and deceit to start with. Lies and fictitious evidence cooked up with the help of Barack Obama’s top officials in the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and all the other alphabet intelligence agencies, even spilling over into Five Eyes and Interpol. Yet they still insist that globalist interests have nothing to do with the frame up job. Again, he’s mad because Barr is also an outsider. “He’s a well-trained bureaucrat but has no actual experience as a prosecutor.”

Halpern is furious that Barr would dare to say that “he believed the president’s campaign had been spied on and he was concerned about possible abuses of government power.” The campaign was spied on and the FBI was doing the spying. That is an abuse of government. Halpern and his buddies were up to their eyeballs in it. The deep state fixer calls what Barr did “selective meddling with the criminal justice system in the Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn and Roger Stone cases.” Without that “selective meddling,” the public would never have known that each of those men were intentionally framed by the FBI and DOJ to help Hillary.

The straw that broke the camels back for Halpern was when the top DOJ administrator dared to question the obvious Democrat scheme to pack the ballot boxes with as many extra mail in votes as it takes to elect Kamala Harris into office. It’s the Deep State’s only hope. Halpern actually has the nerve to be upset with Barr for “dismissing all charges against Flynn, the president’s former national security adviser,” who was intentionally trapped into lying to the FBI, as proven by handwritten notes.

Since the Attorney General continues to actually follow the laws and helps President Donald Trump to restore law and order in the wake of attempts by the left to start a Helter Skelter race war, starting with a war on police, Halpern has had enough and wants out of the DOJ, even if it means he won’t be able to keep Hunter Biden out of prison. “I remained in government service this past year at least partly because I was concerned that the department would interfere with the Hunter prosecution in my absence.” Now that Hunter’s laptop is out of the shop, Halper decided to pack it in and go fishing.


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  2. CORRUPTION ABOUNDS!!! We keep hearing and seeing print stating the evidence is in and overwhelming against these people. But, NO Arrests, indictments or any other solid show that something is finally being done by those who have the authority to do it. DOJ and the whole USA legal and Law Enf. system and agencies look pathetically inept. It embarrassed by their ineptitude.

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