Biden Family Member Comes Forward and Speaks the Truth

Biden Family Member Comes Forward and Speaks the Truth

A family member of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden came forward to say what everyone else is likely thinking: Biden is simply “too old for the job.”

Joe Biden‘s distant cousin, Ralph Biden, a 74-year-old British retired graphic designer living in Surrey, did not know he was related to the former vice president until he was approached by The Times.

Ralph doesn’t think his cousin Joe, 77, should be elected President of the United States.

“In my heart of hearts he’s a little bit too old for the job, but then again Winston Churchill was about the same age when he was elected again after the war and he didn’t do a bad job, so who knows,” Ralph said.

Ralph also added that, if elected, Joe would inherit a country which will be “horribly divided”.

“It’s got to be a very high pressure job and the buck stops in the Oval Office, he’s going to inherit a country that’s going to be horribly divided,” Ralph said.

Ralph had previously considered that the former VP could be a distant family member. “I thought I could be related to him when Joe Biden became Vice President but I didn’t really think it and just joked with a friend about it – that I was a distant cousin several times removed,” he said.

Ralph also joked about hoping to be invited to the White House if Joe wins the election.

“Come on, distant cousin is hardly closely related but it’s quite fun to know that you are related to the possible president of the USA,” he added.

According to news outlet The Sun, “Ralph and Joe are related through their great, great, great-grandfathers James and William. They are fourth or fifth cousins.”

  1. Ralph, I certainly wouldn’t be excited about being related to a corrupt international criminal Joe Biden family!!

  2. Why don’t my comments appear as it’s supposed to? Comment section still says No Comment.
    THe GOP Tomes is censoring us readers!

  3. They seem to forget it was the delusional democrats that split our country for power they can’t handle . You see how they act with what power they have now . They all went bat shit crazy . And now some want to give them more power ??? Are you retarded or what . Blacks killing blacks but go bat shit crazy if a cop kills a black that trys to kill the cop . Shows just how stupid these people are getting . But with the delusional democrats having their backs knowing they won’t be jailed and can steal anything they want as long as they vote for the delusional democrats . I hope trump declares the 14th amendment after he’s reelected . Heads will roll then with Marshall law in play . That will weed out the swamps rats . Time to take our country back again from the delusional democrat terrorists

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