Brutally Murdered For His ‘White Privilege’ [Video]

Dr. Michael John Mammone, an emergency room doctor in Orange County, California was brutally murdered by a man muttering about “White privilege.” The network media is totally downplaying that part.

White privilege triggers murder

Plowing Dr. Mammone off the road at high speed with his Lexus wasn’t enough punishment for the perceived crime of White privilege. The 39-year-old maniac “then got out his car brandishing a knife, and inflicted more injuries upon Mammone.” Who later died. He reportedly had a BB gun in hand, too.

A White person being offensively green by riding his bicycle on the Pacific Coast Highway triggered Vanroy Evan Smith. He decided to take action, a lot of which was captured by one of those doorbell cameras.

Nobody in the network media or police department is calling this a hate crime, because the victim is White. That makes him a victim of White privilege for a second time. The 58-year-old ER doctor was in high demand and will be hard to replace. He will also be sorely missed by friends, family and co-workers.

All he was doing was trying to get some exercise and a look at the Dana Point scenery. He was minding his own business and obeying the rules of the road. Then, Vanroy Smith came along.

Footage from a nearby doorbell camera shows Dr. Mammone “flying over the hood of a white Lexus on Pacific Coast Highway around 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.” Police have confirmed that the suspect “then got out his car brandishing a knife, and inflicted more injuries upon Mammone.

Vigilant bystanders “detained Smith, who police booked on suspicion of murder.” Nobody is admitting to a motive but one witness relates they heard Smith “muttering about” White privilege, while stabbing the doctor repeatedly.

A complete stranger

Law and Crime provided an update with more details. They note the cause of death as the stab wounds and point out it was a “daylight” incident. They also verify Dr. Mammone was hit from behind.

Dana Point is a normally quiet beach community located around 60 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. The place simply screams White privilege.

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer declared in a statement that “an innocent man is dead because he took a bike ride to enjoy a beautiful California day along the beach and he was hit with a car and stabbed to death by someone he apparently never met.

Without mentioning the mutterings about White privilege, Spitzer explains “the murder of a complete stranger in broad daylight for what appears to be absolutely no reason is the stuff of nightmares.” The one reason that should be on the table really terrifies him, so shall remain nameless.

After alert and concerned neighbors detained and held the suspect until cops could get there, he was quickly taken into custody. The prosecutor relates that Smith “also faces a sentencing enhancement for the personal use of a deadly weapon.” That’s the knife they recovered from the scene. The BB gun wasn’t used in the attack and isn’t included in the charges.

Neither are any enhancements for a hate crime. He may have muttered the words “White privilege” but they can’t back it up based on the say so of only one witness. The interrogation report should be some interesting reading but will probably never see the light of day. Smith won’t be seeing any daylight either. “He pleaded not guilty Friday and was held at the Orange County Jail in lieu of $1 million bail. He’s set for another court hearing on February 14.

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