AOC Flipped

AOC Flipped!

Radical leftist New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) lashed out on Twitter at Joe Biden and the Democrats after they reached a supposedly bipartisan agreement on an infrastructure deal.

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal, which was reached thanks to a bipartisan group of 21 senators, didn’t anger AOC because of what was in it — she’s mad about the skin colors of the senators who negotiated the deal.

In a tweet, AOC claimed that Biden and the Democrats were able to “get GOP on board” for the infrastructure deal only because they excluded racial and ethnic minorities and their concerns.

The radical congresswoman’s Twitter thread about the deal included a retweeted picture of Joe Biden announcing the deal alongside an all-White group of 10 out of the 21 senators.

“The diversity of this ‘bipartisan coalition’ pretty perfectly conveys which communities get centered and which get left behind when leaders prioritize bipartisan dealmaking over inclusive lawmaking (which prioritizes delivering the most impact possible for the most people),” AOC wrote.

It appears that AOC doesn’t understand government. Bipartisan deal-making is essential to governing, as it allows both the majority and the minority to achieve certain goals for their constituents while ensuring that legislation is able to move through both houses of Congress without too much opposition. Instead, she wants to focus on the immutable characteristics of the lawmakers who are part of the deal, which shouldn’t matter in the slightest.

In her next tweet, AOC went on to assert that having the infrastructure deal be bipartisan was not enough, it needed to be inclusive.

“This is why a bipartisan pkg alone isn’t acceptable,” she wrote. “The exclusion& denial of our communities is what DC bipartisan deals require. That’s how you get GOP on board : don’t do much/any for the working class & low income,or women, or poc communities, or unions,etc. We must do more.”

“That’s why folks can sometimes come across as careless when saying ‘well isn’t something better than nothing?’ For many communities, their not having a seat at the table is a precondition for bipartisan deals to work in the 1st place. & that’s not only seen as normal, but valued,” AOC continued.


AOC’s obsession with race elicited backlash on Twitter.

“You only care about the skin tones involved. It really isn’t important and makes you a racist. What matters is the skills, ability and the qualifications of the people involved to do the job. In this case however, they’re incompetent as well as not very diverse,” one Twitter user responded.

“Are you suggesting the BIPOC Senators were excluded? Really? No, they weren’t. They had a seat at the table, and chose not to show up (for whatever reasons). This is base race-baiting and gross!” another Twitter user wrote.

“Can you cite an example of exclusion as a precondition of a bipartisan legislative discussion being “valued”? Because that sounds like something you made up to speak to those of your followers (ehh… all of ’em) who are, like you, too lazy to examine details before spouting off?” another Twitter user wrote.

“So as long as I’m a republican I don’t deserve a seat at the table. So does that mean you feel 50% of America should just do what, die? You guys talk about love and inclusiveness but for who, oh right just extreme liberals,” another Twitter user replied.

Another Twitter user made an excellent point in response to AOC, writing: “It is better than nothing. This country was built on compromise. The country stopped working when politicians stopped compromising. The left and right both fail the people when they refuse to compromise. All or nothing gets you no where.”

Fox News reports: “It wasn’t clear if any of the Senate’s 11 current members from racial or ethnic minority groups (eight of them Democrats, three of them Republicans) were among the 11 other negotiating senators who did not appear in the photo with Biden.”

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