Breaking: Other Wars Ongoing Amid Ukraine Crisis, Media Fails to Cover

The war in Ukraine is on everyone’s mind right now, but other wars have gone on without any interruption. The bloodiest of them is the ongoing war in Ethiopia between the central government and the rebelling state of Tigray. Researchers have speculated that as many as 500,000 people have already died due to the war, either directly through violence or indirectly due to the accompanying famine and disease.

Brutal conflict in Ethiopia

The fighting in Ukraine is brutal, but it pales in comparison to the savagery of the Tigray War, in which horrific war crimes have essentially become an accepted feature of the fighting.

Both government and Tigray forces have regularly engaged in ethnic cleansing through massacres of civilian populations and mass war rape.

The situation is clearly bad, but there’s no way of knowing just how bad it really is, as both sides have made it clear that the outside world isn’t exactly welcome.

United Nations workers have been attacked and Tigray is almost completely inaccessible, so the extent of the social breakdown and famine there is unknown.

Fighting has been going on since 2020, and Tigray forces at one point seemed to be on the verge of capturing Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

They were pushed back, but the conflict is far from over. Ukraine is far away from Ethiopia, but the two wars may intersect as Africa loses access to Ukrainian and Russian wheat exports. This might make the already widespread starvation even more deadly.

Other wars linger in Middle East

The Yemeni Civil War is also ongoing, having already killed more than 100,000 people since 2014. This war is generally regarded as a proxy war between regional rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia.

The United States has been heavily involved in backing the Saudi campaign in Yemen, a fact that has led to some controversy given the large numbers of civilians killed in Saudi airstrikes.

The Syrian Civil War has essentially been decided in favor of President Bashar Al-Assad, but Turkish involvement has kept the war going on a smaller scale.

Similarly, Afghanistan has quieted down after the Taliban victory, and is now seeing its first break from major wars in decades. Some fighting continues, however, and the situation remains precarious for the perennially unfortunate country.

Already high tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan have risen since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, and the fragile peace established after the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War is endangered.

Of all of the wars going on currently, only the Ukraine conflict is likely to have a massive effect on geopolitics, so the attention being devoted to it is entirely justifiable. For the people who are living through lesser known wars, however, lack of international attention does not imply a situation that is any less miserable.

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