Laura Ingraham Just Flipped

Laura Ingraham Just Flipped

Another day, another Fox News anchor turning on their viewers. Laura Ingraham, host of ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ shared a CNN article dissing President Trump’s legal adviser Jenna Ellis.

Fox News Losing Viewers

Recently, Fox News has seen a mass exodus of Trump supporters and other conservatives, who are fed up with the network’s sudden support for left-wing talking points, and its willingness to turn on President Trump and declare Joe Biden the president-elect.

The exodus began the night of the November election, when Fox News called Arizona for Joe Biden early on in the night, but refused to call states for Trump where he was clearly winning, such as Alaska.

Conservatives on social media immediately began calling out the news network for its sudden shift in favor of Democrats.

Laura Ingraham Turns on Trump Supporters

Laura Ingraham shared an article on Twitter from CNN, with the caption: “Not good. ‘Trump’s legal adviser Jenna Ellis in 2016 called him an ‘idiot’ and said his supporters didn’t care about ‘facts or logic’.'”

The article delved into posts reportedly made on Ellis’ personal Facebook page during the 2016 election, where she insulted the president and his supporters. Is this just another attempted hit piece on a Trump ally? Or, is this another example of a conservative who was concerned about Trump’s presidency prior to seeing the way he governed as one of the most conservative presidents in our lifetime?

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