Breaking News: Harris Campaign Just Halted!

Adding to all the election chaos, Democrats were disappointed to announce that they had to call a halt to the Harris campaign after “two people associated with the campaign tested positive for Coronavirus.”

Harris suspends in person events

Joe Biden has been cowering in his basement with a thermometer ever since President Donald Trump was diagnosed right after sharing the debate stage with him. Now, Kamala, who most consider to be the real contender for president, has decided to “suspend in-person events until Monday.” The campaign was quick to reassure supporters that “Biden had no exposure, though he and Harris spent several hours campaigning together in Arizona.”

Kamala Harris will not be able to attend the events on her calendar including a Thursday stop in North Carolina and another in Cleveland Friday. Both events are rallies “encouraging voters to cast early ballots.” The more valid ones they have flying around, the easier it will be to pack the ballot boxes with even more. Democrats want you to vote, eligible or not. They’ve been fighting real hard to keep dead people on the eligible voter rolls so if your deceased spouse gets a ballot in the mail, be sure to fill it out, they hint.

Harris isn’t too terrified about catching the crud. “Both the crew member and the staff member were wearing N95 masks at all points they were near me, and our doctors believe that we were not exposed under CDC guidelines.” Since she doesn’t trust the CDC any more than conservatives do, “out of an abundance of caution, I will cancel travel through Sunday and continue to campaign virtually,” she declared.

A promise of transparency

Candidate Harris promises “I will be transparent with you about any test results that I do receive.” As transparent as the Democrats have been with all the documents which John Ratcliffe has taken it upon himself to hand deliver to congressional investigators. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler are sweating hard over the records still out there waiting for release.

Reporters had to grill the campaign for the details and eventually managed to piece together that the personal communications director to Ms. Harris, Liz Allen, and a flight crew member tested positive on returning from a recent campaign event. A flustered Jen O’Malley Dillon, campaign manager for the Harris/Biden team scrambled to get the word out that “”neither of these individuals had any contact with Vice President Biden, with Sen. Harris or any other staff member since testing positive or in the 48-hour period prior to their positive test results.”

Harris and Biden were touring through Arizona, which they consider a battleground state. That’s a little misleading though. When they showed up at a Native American museum in Downtown Phoenix, nobody met the bus. The campaign was quick to defend the discrepancy by noting that the stop wasn’t announced ahead of time so they weren’t expecting a crowd. The Democrats are encouraged because the traditionally bright red state already has one Democrat Senator and is virtually guaranteed to elect a second. What they don’t want voters to know is that the situation isn’t quite what it seems. Ultra-conservative independents have drawn a line in the sand since 2016 not to nominate any more RINO’s unless they expect a Democrat to be elected. If the GOP wants a Democrat, they will get one. The voters rejected Martha McSally in 2016, electing Kyrsten Sinema to send a message. The governor appointed McSally to McCain’s seat and now the voters are about to reject her again. Mark Kelly may be a Democrat but he acts more like a Republican than McSally does.

  1. Wait! You mean after all the lecturing they gave Trump about exposing others, THEY allowed themselves and others to be exposed? And after all the ridicule heaped on Trump about “immunity”, they claim THEY are immune because they had no contact (yeah, right – none with their spokesperson??) for 48 hours before the bash even though they slammed the President for not taking 2 weeks or more in isolation, and even though their own “scientists” say it’s contagious for 5-10 days?? So it’s OK for *them* to ignore “science” but not the President?? These folk are beyond hypocritical – they’re stupid liars too.

  2. Hope she gets it and gives it to old joe . Iam sure he’s grabbed her a few times already . And she lets him to be president herself . Not like she didn’t do sexaul things befor to get where she is . Yes she’s that kind of a female , not a lady .

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