Alert: Democrat Signals to Remove Trump Supporters From Society

All of President Donald Trump’s deplorable enablers, supporters, and collaborators “must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it.” That means you. Former Democrat-leaning MSNBC talking head Keith Olbermann crawled out from beneath the rock he’s been hiding under to advocate removing Trump Supporters from civilization.

No place in society for deplorables

An ancient dinosaur of a liberal political correspondent wants conservatives removed from society. Keith Olbermann couldn’t keep food on his table as a sportscaster, since nobody wants to watch players defy the National Anthem, and covid keeps the rest of the fans from the stands.

He was forced to turn to YouTube. The fact checkers have left him alone despite his totally vile comments, brought to public attention by Brent Baker of the Media Research Center.

When Baker viewed Olbermann’s propaganda video, he went on twitter to give it a two thumbs down review by simply showing a preview of the liberal nastiness.

“Trump can be and must be expunged… His enablers… the Mike Lee’s, the William Barr’s and the Sean Hannity’s and the Mike Pence’s… and the Amy Coney Barrett’s must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society.” That sounds pretty extreme but nobody in the community standards department is raising an eyebrow.

The scariest part of Olbermann’s message was his insistence that “he plans to battle well beyond Election Day.” President Donald Trump is enemy number one. “Trump can be, and must be, expunged.

The hate he has triggered, Pandora’s boxes he has opened, they will not be so easily destroyed.” The boxes he’s so afraid of are the ones filled with declassified documents which John Ratcliffe keeps pulling out of his trunk behind the Russell Senate Office building. They have such disastrous dirt against Democrats that anyone who gets a peek at them must be removed from society.

Democrats need to ‘brace’ themselves

“So, let us brace ourselves,” Olbermann rants. “The task is two-fold: the terrorist Trump must be defeated, must be destroyed, must be devoured at the ballot box.” And then, Democrats plan to target “his enablers, and his supporters, and his collaborators.”

He includes everyone reading this article along with the movers and shakers who have been shaking things up in Washington. He’s as afraid of every deplorable in America even more than he’s afraid of AG William Barr. Enough to keep every conservative out of Democrat society.

The Mike Lees and the William Barrs, and Sean Hannitys, and the Mike Pences, and the Rudy Gullianis and the Kyle Rittenhouses and the Amy Coney Barretts must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society while we try to rebuild it and to rebuild the world Trump has destroyed by turning it over to a virus.” Conservatives have been fighting for years to rebuild America after what Barack Obama did to it.

Olbermann dreams of a liberal Utopian society. “Remember it, even as we dream for a return to reality and safety and the country for which our forefathers died, that the fight is not just to win the election, but to win it by enough to chase — at least for a moment — Trump and the maggots off the stage and then try to clean up what they left.”

Now he’s calling you maggots. “Remember it, even though to remember it, means remembering that the fight does not end on November 3rd, but in many ways, will only begin that day.” Oh really? That’s just fine with Second Amendment supporting patriots. They’re standing back and standing by, even the Boogie boys, though admittedly their trigger fingers keep getting itchier every day.

  1. But we have a place in society for Antifa, BLM and other terrorists that are burning, looting, killing and destroying our cities and our children. And the others (Omar, AOC and crew) that want to destroy our country. Maybe Olberman should go to China where he could spew out his rhetoric — I am sure the Communists would love a believer in what they believe in – remove dissension.

  2. Hey olberman, bring it on and that will be the end of demoncraps. You people talk but it’s always lies, exaggerations, threats and the blabber of stupid people, like you for example. The democrap party is full of pervs, mental kooks , ie: biden, pelosi, AOC, kamala, Turban durban and on and on. Your just a façade of phony crooks, odummer is a prime example, clinton the pedophile and of course bug eyed schitt. I think olberman you need to join biden in his basement.

  3. Me thinks “oldman” has gone over the edge and needs a long stay in a padded cell, before he hurts himself!

  4. I’d like to know who died and left this ?????? boss!!
    Who the hell does he think he is!!!!!??
    Listen GOD gave me life and ONLY GOD can take it!!!
    He should be careful about his words…he will have to eat them and KARMA IS A BITCH!!!! Isn’t this considered TERRORISTIC THREATS!???
    TRUMP 2020

  5. hey olbermann you piece of dog excrement YOU CAN GO TO HELL YOU EXCREMENT FACE PARASITE TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2020

  6. Ubermann sounds like Hitler denouncing the Jews as the NAZIs took over in Germany. There is always a scapegoat for every Marxist/Fascist/socialist takeover.

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