Breaking news: 700k STOLEN Votes, Trump Win Coming in HOT

Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) of Arizona’s 4th District took to his personal Twitter account on Thursday to raise the alarm. The State of Arizona had 700k STOLEN Votes. 

Dr. Gosar tagged President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., WhiteHouse Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem and AZGOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward in a second tweet linking to an explanatory video published on Rumble, a free-speech oriented YouTube competitor.  Dr. Ward and Rep. Finchem have led the charge in Arizona to audit the 2020 Election.


Congressman Gosar Sounds the Alarm

How the Votes Were Stolen

was published by ElectionNightFacts with the description,

“Data science experts scrutinize the vote tallies and data from election night across the state of Arizona. Included is the raw data feed for this state, should you like to follow along and review for yourself.”

The nearly seven minute video gives a detailed breakdown of the method by which Absentee votes were utilized to tip the scales in Arizona. The data samples from Absentee ballots counted on Election day versus those counted before show a radical departure in Biden votes by percentage an increase of about 15-20% on Election day versus those counted before.


If all of these ballots came from the same pool of ballots, the data scientists say this would be almost completely impossible. The video comes to the following conclusions:

A Path to Justice, And Victory.

In a later tweet Congressman Gosar indicated that reports released by National File that he will be co-signing a letter with Congressman Mo Brooks demanding that Speaker Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader McConnell launch “Congressional Election Integrity Hearings.”

The draft-letter released by National File reads:

“We request that your committees do their jobs on behalf of our country and immediately and without delay hold evidentiary and other hearings necessary to fully investigate and probe the anomalies of the 2020 general election, so that Congressmen and Senators will be fully informed as we face contests and questions about the legitimacy and validity of all federal elections held on November 3rd, 2020.”

The letter revealed by National File is similar to one signed by the 26 new “America First Republicans” by Representative-Elect Jerry Carl (R-AL) addressed solely to Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which they demand an investigation into the voting irregularities in the 2020 Election.

These new developments lend significant validity to theories of a serious Congressional objection by Republicans during the Joint Session of Congress to Count Electoral College votes scheduled for January 6th.


  1. Note to President Trump: Thank you sir for always standing tall to identify and challenge those who only want to rule rather than serve the American people. If comes to a fight you can count on many of us old soldiers to pick up a weapon and stand a post. A fight to save the American people and the republic may be the last opportunity for many of us to leave this life as true soldiers rather than mercenaries in service to a few feudal lords!

    As an American soldier serving from 1960 – 1986 and through three recalls since 1989 (Panama, First Gulf War, and the War on Terrorism) followed by 20 years (between recalls) as a civilian cop/security consultant, I have had no illusions since J.F. Kennedy took office as to the primary recipients of my blood and/or sweat. My comrades and I have never fought for God, country, flag, motherhood, apple pie, and/or the girl next door. Under all the oligarchies ruling America since the first days of the republic the primary objectives in every overseas military operation (save two and then only in the initial weeks of the operations) have been those close to the hearts, souls, and/or pocket books of the feudal lords who rule over this nation. We ground combat soldiers accepted the fact that we have been mere mercenaries and as such our primary objective was to do everything possible to get ourselves and our comrades home in one piece! Just maybe the conflicts that may occur in CONUS (Continental United States or the ‘Land of round eyed women/door knobs and the big PX’ to Korean/Vietnam era soldiers) due to numerous criminal acts that have/are taking place since Donald J. Trump took office will give many of us the opportunity to leave this life as true soldiers fighting for our fellow Americans instead of the gaggle of self-serving, witless, cowards currently trading their souls and our bodies for power and money!
    Soldier/Cop/Grunt/Mercenary, Retired

  2. Hell yes, any anti constitutional activity demands investigation. If not we have the wrong people representing us in congress, and other positions of power, they are filled with oath breakers and anti citizens elective promises they received from them in oath.. they work for themselves not for the people who elected them. dump them.

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