Biden’s Neighbors Applaud Texas on Migrant Moves

Joe Biden’s neighbors don’t mind the buses of migrants coming up from Texas one bit. In fact, they’re all for it. When Joe Biden isn’t wandering aimlessly around the palace, leaving ice cream smudges on everything he touches, he hangs out in his home state of Delaware. Fellow residents “praised Republican governors on Wednesday for relocating migrants to Democratic enclaves.

Texas is right about buses

Texas, Arizona and Florida are absolutely right to be sending bus loads of illegal aliens to sanctuary cities. Terri Barbiche is a 69-year-old resident of Georgetown, Delaware, only a stone’s throw from Joe Biden’s summer home. On Wednesday, September 21, she floored Democrats by proclaiming that “liberals are missing the point.

Governors DeSantis and Abbott were “doing something that says, ‘We can’t keep them all here.’ Put them in Rehoboth, Biden’s little town he comes to every weekend,” Barbiche suggests.

The liberals are missing the point. Do they expect Texas and Florida to hold all the migrants forever?” The previous day, Delaware officials freaked out when they were told to expect a single planeload of migrants.

They freaked out even more when it never arrived. Last week he actually dared to drop two planeloads of migrants on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Someone alert picked up on the fact Greg Abbott “apparently chartered a flight from San Antonio, Texas to the Delaware Coastal Airport in Georgetown.” That particular airport is a mere “20 miles from the $2.7 million vacation home in Rehoboth Beach that Biden and first lady Jill Biden bought in 2017.

After they got all set to welcome their new citizens, they never showed. They aren’t sure whether to be relived or insulted so they’re left confused and cranky.

Faked out by a tweet

Governor DeSantis seems to have found a new hobby, terrorizing liberals who live in sanctuary cities. Especially, the high profile ones. The Texas conservative tapped out a recent tweet saying, “Rehoboth Beach, Delaware next.” Whether he actually chartered a plane for it or not remains unverified. On Tuesday, Abbott was “cryptic.

NY Post is miffed that he refused “to confirm the reported flight to Biden’s home state.” Instead, he sidestepped the question and boasted that the Martha’s Vineyard relocation “made more of an impact than anyone thought it could possibly make.

He also promised to slap the liberals around some more soon. “But we’re going to continue to make more of an impact,” he added. Terri Barbiche wasn’t a lone conservative voice in a wilderness of liberals, either. Socorro Enriquez immigrated from Mexico 22 years ago and ended up in Seaford, Delaware.


Honestly, there’s too many migrants crossing the border into America,” she scolds. “Immigrants come to America to find a job, so it would make more sense to spread them around the country.” It’s not just a Texas issue. “All states should help with the problem.

Michael Catrino, age 55, lives in Dagsboro and he’s behind the Florida governor. “DeSantis is bringing attention to the open border. This country’s not supposed to have an open border. Let DeSantis do what he’s doing. The media is finally talking about the border.

Dolores Esposito of Harbeson chimes in, “we need the wall. You feel for these migrants. They’re dying on their journey to America. They think the border’s open so they come. It would be kinder to close the border so they don’t take their lives in their own hands. It’s inhumane.

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