ALERT: Left-Wing Radicals Attempt Violent Insurrection at White House

Time to get another senate investigation going, conservatives say, knowing that it’s never going to happen. This should be called an “insurrection” but because it’s Left-wing radicals swarming the White House and turning violent, nobody can make a big deal about it.

Insurrection at the White House

On Monday, October 11, peaceful Left-wing radicals celebrated Indigenous Peoples’ day with a small “insurrection.” Violently “vandalizing a statue of former President Andrew Jackson” before “swarming the White House.”

They threatened that Imperial Leader Joe Biden had better “take their demands seriously” but three minutes later he won’t remember what they are.


The radical climate change group Build Back Fossil Free promised a full five-day-long insurrection.

They’ll get the Biden regime to act “against climate change, mainly by declaring a national emergency and ending projects involving fossil fuels,” if they have to burn Washington down to get it. Andy Jackson is spinning in his grave after what they did to his statue.

Siqiñiq Maupin, representing the Sovereign Inupiat for a Living Arctic, issued a statement noting the insurrection “was happening because they believe Biden needs to follow through on his campaign promises.” It’s bad enough that he gave all those planes and tanks to the Taliban but people “are dying right now from the pollutants, the toxins, the climate catastrophes that are happening.”


Biden lied and activists died. “Biden’s election was riding on climate change. His entire election hinged on turning out people of color and Indigenous people.” He failed. “But when it really comes to what matters, our lives are still being sacrificed for oil and gas. That’s why we’re here today.”

Expect us

The theme for Monday’s radical Left-wing event was “expect us.” The liberal press like to hear the chant as “respect us” but it’s hard to deny what they sprayed in blood red paint across Andrew Jackson right outside the White House. That clearly says “expect” with a tinge of threatening terror.

Liberals refuse to call that insurrection. The police turned a blind eye, as expected. All U.S. Park Police police did was “warn of police action should the demonstrators not disperse.” They actually did drag one person away screaming “she did not want to die” at the top of her lungs.

His wisdom wasn’t even around to see the insurrection. He’s been hiding in Delaware, allegedly to attend his nephew’s wedding. The real reason is because the whole Democrat agenda in Congress has totally imploded.

He can’t even fund government, much less give the rabid socialists their green new deal. They will keep attacking statues until “Biden becomes the climate president he promised to be.” Ben & Jerry’s and Patagonia are top signatories to the list of demands on the coalition website.

Tuesday’s insurrection is subject to almost total news blackout but one report has surfaced that a “group of Indigenous and environmental organizations based in Minnesota and nationwide delivered a letter to the White House Tuesday urging President Joe Biden to take action on Enbridge’s Line 3 oil pipeline.”

The palace already seems to be caving in to demands with the announcement of “the Biden Administration is launching a whole-of-government initiative to deliver accessible and actionable information to individuals and communities that are being hit by flooding, drought, wildfires, extreme heat, coastal erosion, and other intensifying climate impacts.”

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