Fearing Insurrection Charges, Obama Weasels on Progressives

Barack Obama looked up the word “insurrection” in a dictionary and suddenly he’s weaseling on progressives. They might just want to rethink that whole “defund the police” thing. It seems the message they were sending could get the entire Black Lives Matter movement in big trouble.

Obama may be seditious but not an insurrectionist.

Barack Obama is notorious for not wanting to go away. For the past four years he’s been like a booger on your finger. He never “peacefully” surrendered the White House in a transition to Donald Trump, continuing to work behind the scenes to sabotage the president at every turn.

That’s after he spied on the campaign, helped Hillary Clinton rig one election, and helped Hunter and Joe Biden cover up the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop. The one with pictures of his naked daughter’s credit card laying in what suspiciously looks like a big pile of Hunter Biden’s cocaine.


Now that the attempts to rig another election against Trump blew up in the faces of Democrats, Obama realizes he could be looking at some serious charges and this would be election rigging count II. Sedition is one thing. Insurrection is another.

There isn’t much he can do about the sedition charges because Obamagate has become a household word by now, but it’s not too late to distance himself from insurrection. Not only that, he’s warning the radical masses that they won’t get much accomplished if they get sent to FEMA camp. He doesn’t spell it out in those words but reading between the lines, his meaning is crystal clear.

Obama tried to sound casual as he “cautioned” young radicals against using the slogan “defund the police.” He personally hasn’t been using it. He knows how dangerous it is. Advocating anarchy is the crime of “insurrection.”


Throwing that phrase around so casually all summer has President Donald Trump on the verge of declaring a state of emergency and sending anyone with an Antifa patch on their clothing straight to a FEMA camp. He doesn’t want to scare the kiddies though. He toned it down as a “better way” to get their message across.

They tried and missed

Molotov cocktails and smashing windows is so last month. That was before Democrats got caught in massive election fraud. Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, knows full well that it’s never good to do an injury to an enemy and leave him alive. They tried to take out Donald Trump and missed. Now, Trump’s an enraged and wounded lion, carefully planning his revenge.

“If you believe, as I do, that we should be able to reform the criminal justice system so that it’s not biased and treats everybody fairly, I guess you can use a snappy slogan like ‘Defund The Police,’ but, you know, you lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you’re actually going to get the changes you want done.”

Tuning out the “audience” didn’t matter one bit when they were lighting car dealerships on fire. Suddenly, with Donald Trump throwing words like “insurrection” around, Obama decided to get cautious. He probably got a call from George Soros.

All of a sudden, Democrats need the police. You can’t get rid of police, Obama unexpectedly declared. At least, not until you get rid of the Constitution first.

Once in a while the law and order types should consider “maybe we send a mental health worker there instead of an armed unit that could end up resulting in a tragedy?” That’s only a suggestion now. All those burned down police stations were just a joke.

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