Israel had a very good day on Wednesday in its war against Hamas.

According to reports, Israel was able to take out a massive Hamas tunnel network.

If reports are accurate, more than 130 tunnel shafts underneath Gaza have been destroyed.

Hiding Among People

Hamas, like most terror organizations, tries to hide among innocent people.

The terror organization sets up headquarters and tunnels in populated areas so it will not be attacked.

In this case, Hamas has set up a massive network of tunnels under Gaza to move supplies and its fighters.

In addition to destroying the tunnel shafts, Israel also took out a key weapons maker for Hamas.

Mahsein Abu Zina was reportedly killed in a strike.

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari noted that Israeli soldiers were able to capture a Hamas training camp in Northern Gaza, as Israel continues to squeeze Gaza from the perimeter.

Negotiations are now reportedly taking place for a humanitarian pause in the fighting.

Hamas is reportedly willing to release somewhere between 10 to 15 hostages in exchange for a 48-hour window.

PM Netanyahu, however, has stated that he would not agree to any pause unless all hostages are released.

Source: New York Post

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