Kamala Harris Family Caught in Hamas Scandal

As if Kamala Harris doesn’t mess things up enough all on her own, it looks like her stepdaughter is more than happy to add to numerous failures plaguing this family. Recently, Ella Emhoff sparked outrage among Republicans after uploading a social media post promoting an urgent relief fundraiser for children in Gaza.

Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) was particularly vocal in his disapproval of the fundraising effort, calling it “abhorrent” and “disturbing to the maximum degree.”

Ella Emhoff, 24 — whose father is Jewish — posted a call for donations on her Instagram account to support the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, a nonprofit organization based in Kent, Ohio which collected over $21 million this year alone. Her campaign has thus far gathered nearly $8 million from her 315k followers.

While not mentioning any of the 1,400 innocent Israeli civilians killed by Hamas terrorists on October 7th or their families, this apparent oversight has many raising questions about what exactly these funds are being used for and whether they will be diverted into Hamas pockets.

Van Drew made clear his concern over where these funds may end up: “It’s of tremendous concern and I find it abhorrent…To be honest with you, I am kind of stunned by it. It’s disturbing to the maximum degree.” Drew also added that it’s almost certain that the terrorist group Hamas will siphon off any humanitarian funds that enter Gaza.

Similarly, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly weighed in during an interview on her SiriusXM podcast “The Megan Kelly Show,” calling it “an embarrassment,” adding that Harris cannot put two sentences together when speaking publicly about issues and labeling her as not that “smart” and even “a moron.”

This statement echoes those who have expressed similar concerns regarding Biden’s mental fitness for office going into 2024 presidential election season.

Notably absent from all criticism has been any comment from Ella herself regarding either how much she personally donated or why she chose to support this particular cause despite its questionable intentions and ties to terrorism.

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