Democrats Destroy Working Families As They Run For Federal Office

A pair of Colorado Democrats say they’re running for Congress to help “working families.” Yet during their time in the state legislature, they did exactly the opposite. Their voting record proves they voted to create new taxes as Colorado families faced rising inflation.

In June 2021, state legislators Brittany Pettersen and Yadira Caraveo voted to increase Colorado’s gas tax and impose new fees on deliveries and Uber and Lyft rides. The vote came as inflation surged under President Joe Biden. By the end of June 2021, the average price for a gallon of gas in Colorado rose above $3.60. This is nearly a 50 percent increase from just six months before.  Consumer prices rose in the same month, an increase of 5.4 percent, from a year earlier, the then-largest monthly gain in nearly 13 years.

Pettersen now says she’s running for Congress to focus on “improving the lives of working families.” This while Caraveo says she launched her own congressional bid to “get real things done for working families.” Their voting record in the state legislature clearly says otherwise putting them in political peril.

Let’s use the American public’s outlook on the state of the economy as an example- it is the worst it’s been in more than a decade, according to a CNN poll. In Colorado approval for Biden is at just 31 percent compared with 54 percent who disapprove.  A major difference from his numbers in the 2020 election where Biden won the state by 14 points.

Advance Colorado Institute president Michael Fields told the Washington Free Beacon that Pettersen and Caraveo’s votes to raise taxes amid inflationary concerns show that the pair of Democrats are “out of touch” with average Coloradans.

“These fees are getting out of control. … Why are we raising fees and taxes when we’re heading into a recession and inflation is so high?” Fields said. “I just think the whole thing is these Democrats being out of touch.”

Neither Pettersen nor Caraveo commented on Fields’ observations.

Pettersen and Caraveo, who joined the state legislature in 2019, have gone on to take a number of controversial votes. During their first year as lawmakers, both Democrats voted to make the possession of four grams or less of fentanyl—equivalent to 13,000 deadly doses—a misdemeanor instead of a felony. In 2021, both voted to weaken the state’s penalty for felony murder- this at a time when Denver experienced a near-record spike in homicides.

Pettersen and Caraveo ran unopposed in the state’s June primary elections and in November will face Republicans Erik Aadland and Barbara Kirkmeyer, respectively.


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