Breaking: U.S. Attack Submarine Crash in South China Sea, injuries Reported

Nearly a dozen injuries were reported but thankfully no deaths after an American attack submarine crashed into some mysterious “something” somewhere in the South China Sea. The Pentagon isn’t talking but this sure looks like a reason why China doesn’t like Uncle Sam sniffing around the disputed waters.

Submarine hit ‘something’

On Thursday, the Navy admitted that on the previous Saturday, October 2, 2021, Seawolf-class fast-attack submarine USS Connecticut “collided with an underwater object” somewhere in the South China Sea.

They make it sound like an almost routine occurrence but anyone who takes a moment to think about it suddenly realizes that nuclear subs don’t just run into things.


U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet disclosed the incident in a press release a full five days after it happened. The precise location of where the nuclear powered submarine was operating has not been disclosed, other than being described as in “international waters in the Indo-Pacific region.”

China claims it’s their water and insists U.S. incursion is the same as if the CCP sailed into Pearl Harbor. They’re threatening to do just that if Joe Biden keeps provoking them.

Word broke nation-wide shortly after reporter Lucas Tomlinson tweeted “US Navy submarine hits unknown ‘object’ in South China Sea while submerged on Oct 2: US officials. USS Connecticut now limping back to port with ‘no life threatening injuries’ aboard. No damage to nuclear reactor. The U.S. sub, officials insist, “did not collide with another sub.”


It didn’t take long before the Navy official statement confirming it happened but not saying much else started circulating the news desks.

Stealthy to sonar

A lot of people are scratching their heads and saying “huh?” over this one. Even though they cruise around the undersea depths blind, every submarine still has all sorts of sensors. The charts they use are incredibly detailed with the undersea terrain mapped out down to the inch.

Folks are wondering if the Chinese have some sort of undersea installation there. One which isn’t on the maps. More importantly, one that’s stealthy to sonar.

The Navy is focusing on the good news that there isn’t any “life threatening injuries” to report. As “many as 11 sailors sustained moderate to minor injuries.” They’re paddling their way to Guam.

“The submarine remains in a safe and stable condition. USS Connecticut’s nuclear propulsion plant and spaces were not affected and remain fully operational.” Once they get to port they’ll assess the full extent of the damage.

The Connecticut is one of only three Sea Wolf-class submarine designs. They were built late in the Cold War-era as attack submarines “designed to hunt advanced Soviet submarines,” ala “Red October.”

This one may have been after some secret red Chinese technology in use in the South China Sea and literally ran into exactly what they were looking for.

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