Bob Ross Behind the Scene Scandals

Bob Ross Behind the Scenes Scandals

A new Netflix documentary about the life and empire of Bob Ross has left viewers and Ross’ fans angry over reported scandals behind the scenes.

The documentary, which gives a behind the scenes look at Ross’ personal life and legacy, has brought forward a serious problem: the Kowalski family.

Reporting on the issue, Men’s Health writes:


“The documentary, which dives into the inner-workings of Bob Ross’s personal life, has highlighted some of the more complex parts of the landscape artist’s legacy—particularly when it comes to his relationship with the Kowalski family.

While Ross goes unscathed through the feature (save the details of past affairs and the fact that his afro is indeed, permed), it’s the Kowalski family who’s sitting under a damning light by the end. Viewers on social media took note as well.”

Bob Ross Inc. is currently ran and operated by the Kowalski family, due to the fact that they were majority owners of the company in 1995 when Ross tragically passed away from lymphoma.


According to the documentary, the Kowalskis have been able to maintain their control over the intellectual property and branding behind Bob Ross Inc. through the use of legal pressure, questionable ethics, and full-on bullying.

Watch this interview with the director of the documentary:

Bob Ross has been a popular and beloved figure in American culture for decades now, but many of his fans — especially from newer generations — were not aware of the serious problems behind the scenes of Bob Ross Inc.

Thanks to the film, fans now know the truth, and many are angry.

The documentary reveals that more than a dozen people who were close to Bob Ross have decided not to speak out publicly against the Kowalski family, fearing retaliation. Unfortunately for the Kowalskis, Ross’ fans are not afraid to speak their minds about the scandal on Twitter.

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