16 Republican Leaders CHARGED…

The news of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel indicting 16 people on multiple felony counts related to their involvement in an alleged false elector scheme after the 2020 presidential election has been met with shock and outrage from the Republican party.

Among those indicted were Republican National Committeewoman Kathy Berden and Meshawn Maddock, former co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

The Attorney General charged that these individuals falsely claimed to be electors in order to manipulate the election results and award former President Donald Trump a second term.

According to Nessel’s statement, this group allegedly met in the basement of the headquarters of the Michigan Republican Party and signed numerous certificates claiming they were “duly elected and qualified electors” for the presidential election.

They hoped their actions would result in their chosen candidate being awarded electoral votes instead of the one who was actually chosen by Michigan voters.

The magnitude of this malfeasance is not lost on anyone associated with either political party.

When asked about her involvement, Michele Lundgren said she didn’t know what an elector was nor did she understand that she was signing an attendance sheet for a meeting where forged ballots were being produced.

For her part, Lundgren may be able to avoid prosecution if she can prove her innocence however, all 16 individuals have been charged with eight felony counts including conspiracy to commit forgery which carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison.

This deliberate attempt to undermine public faith in our elections is unacceptable regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs and needs to be punished accordingly so no one else attempts something similar ever again.

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