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Charges Have Been DROPPED Against Man Who Fatally Beat Elderly Veteran

Charges have been dropped against a man who filmed himself beating an elderly veteran in a nursing home in 2020. 22-year-old Jadon Hayden has been deemed incompetent to stand trial for the assault on 75-year-old Norman Bledsoe, who died two months after the attack. Bledsoe suffered severe injuries in the assault and the footage gained national attention, with even then-President Donald Trump expressing his outrage on Twitter.

Nursing home assault baffled victim’s family

In the immediate aftermath of the beating Bledoe’s family struggled to figure out what the attacker was even doing in the Detroit area nursing home.

Hayden’s father still claims to be confused about why his son was there, but he maintains that Jadon was also a victim in the brutal assault, which he filmed and posted on social media.

The father claims that Hayden has schizophrenia which would be worsened if he was sent to prison, a possibility he no longer needs to worry about.

The 20-year-old was placed in Bledoe’s room in the nursing home when he was found to have COVID-19 after being hospitalized for his mental health, apparently with no consideration given to the danger he posed to others.

Hayden has never been officially accused of being responsible for Bledoe’s death, but relatives say that the Army veteran never recovered from the assault and they continue to blame Hayden.

While his father claims that he was not aware that he was doing anything wrong, Hayden was mentally competent enough to steal Bledoe’s credit cards and show off the attack on social media.

Attacker held in psychiatric hospital

Trump appeared to struggling to believe that the attack was real when he addressed the video on Twitter, asking if such a crime was even possible.

The attack coincided with the violent BLM riots that swept the nation and it was one of the most visceral early indications  of the summer of racial violence that was coming.

Hayden is black and Bledoe was white; potential racial motives for the assault have not been extensively investigated, but at the time that aspect of the crime was impossible to ignore.

For now Hayden remains in a psychiatric hospital and is not free to come and go as he pleases. It is not clear that anything has been done to ensure that he is kept there indefinitely.

His father evidently believes that he can still be rehabilitated and that his behavior is at least partially due to his being failed by “the system.”

Hayden can technically be charged for the nursing home assault again in the future, though that is unlikely given the circumstances.

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