Biden’s Top Nominee Financial Entanglements Draw HEAVY Scrutiny After Report Surfaces

Biden’s Top Nominee Financial Entanglements Draw HEAVY Scrutiny After Report Surfaces

Another one of Joe Biden’s nominees is facing scrutiny for their past after a new report showed he made millions off of the COVID pandemic.

With the help of moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, another Biden nominee may be torpedoed. As the balance of power in the Senate is 50-50, even one Democrat defector could spell doom for a Biden nominee.

Financial Ties

In this case, Vivek H. Murthy, Biden’s nominee for Surgeon General, is facing a difficult nomination after it was revealed that Murthy was paid millions of dollars in 2020 for COVID-related consulting for various businesses, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Airbnb, and many others. According to ethics documents that Murthy filed this month, he also received hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from dozens of organizations.


Murthy, who served as surgeon general under Barack Obama, was chosen by the administration after he worked on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign as his coronavirus advisor.

The Washington Post reported:

“The disclosure caught the attention of longtime health policy hands — saying that Murthy has the most financial entanglements of any surgeon general pick in recent history — and of watchdogs who raise questions about how credible he would be as a spokesperson on the pandemic response and presidential adviser.”


Jeff Hauser, who leads progressive think tank ‘The Revolving Door Project’, part of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, spoke out about his concerns over Murthy’s connection to big businesses.

“We didn’t have a full window into how enmeshed he was in the selling-advice process. There are large questions in the minds of the public about the health and safety risks that might exist in areas like the cruise industry, and we want the surgeon general to give people completely impartial advice,” Hauser said.

Possible Defector

Murthy’s Senate confirmation hearing is scheduled for Thursday, February 25. The Washington Post reported that it is believed Murthy will “narrowly win confirmation to the role of surgeon general.” Others aren’t so sure.

He is not likely to receive any votes from the Republican side of the aisle, as he has come under scrutiny in the past for his view on guns. Murthy’s nomination is completely reliant on Democrat votes, which may be a problem. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is known for his support for gun rights, and had previously voted against Murthy’s confirmation under Obama.

Manchin “has not decided how he will vote on Dr. Murthy’s nomination,” said Sam Runyon, the senator’s spokesperson.

President Trump‘s health nominees were heavily criticized by Senate Democrats for their financial and corporate ties, but will they bring the same level of scrutiny to a nominee from their own party? Democrats are known for their hypocrisy on such issues, criticizing conservatives for actions that they ignore within their own ranks.

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