VIDEO: Reporter Calls Out Press Sec. Jen Psaki For Her Lies

Official Palace spokesunit Jen Psaki gave some really shady responses at the press briefing on Thursday. She had it in for Edward Lawrence. The Fox Business reporter dared to hold His Wisdom accountable, asking if Joe Biden would be issuing a correction, after getting caught telling lies the day before.

Nothing but lies

Imperial Leader Biden thought it would be safe to talk to ESPN because they won’t ask him anything about his dog. Instead, he managed to throw mud at the state of Georgia. All he did was tell lies about their audacity to tighten election security.

He falsely accused the conservative state of “closing polling places at 5:00 p.m.” in the new law. He says they only want to do it to stop “working folks and ordinary folks that I grew up with from being able to vote.” Wrong on both counts. The polls don’t close at 5 and anyone who is properly registered can vote.

The Washington Post had already debunked the lies but His Wisdom didn’t get that memo. They ran a “fact-check” proving once and for all that “Election Day poll hours ‘were not changed.'”

What was changed are “early voting hours.” Those were improved “with an option being added for counties to extend their own early voting times by as much as two hours.”

The Imperial Palace doesn’t mind spreading lies when they fit the narrative they want. The truth is what they say it is anyway. They don’t care that the Post, a liberal publication right there in Washington, has debunked the official story.

“Under the new law, counties have the option to extend the voting hours so voters can start casting ballots as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 7 p.m.,” so there, conservatives gloat.

Palace ignores the Truth

The Truth with a capitol T has no special sanctity in the Imperial Palace. The Minister of Propaganda looked Lawrence straight in the eye and told even more lies. As one outlet describes, “Psaki proceeded to ignore the fact-check and instead double down” on the Democrat dishonesty.

“It just gives options? It gives options to expand it β€” right?” Not only that, “outside groups can’t provide water or food to people in line.” That, the palace insists, “makes it more difficult to absentee vote.” The only ones voting absentee who can’t cast a ballot are ones not entitled in the first place.

As far as the lies about “food and water” that is just misleading deception. Voters can leave the line and come back to “collect water from self-service stations.”

The only thing that’s not allowed in the new laws is “for people to ‘solicit’ voters via ‘gifts’ such as food/water.” Democrats are totally terrified of election integrity for some strange reason.

Those pesky “absentee votes” that the palace are so worried about are only restricted in one way. “the new law simply requires that those voting by mail prove their identification by showing a voter ID.”

Anything the palace tries to tell you other than that are lies. Not only that, “a 74 percent majority of Georgia residents ‘support requiring voters to include a copy of their photo ID or other documentation in order to cast an absentee ballot by mail.'”

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