Biden’s ATF asks Bitter Exes to Snitch on Former Partners in Bizarre Valentine’s Day Drop

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) celebrated Valentine’s Day by suggesting on Twitter that embittered exes might like to give their former partners a ” Valentine’s Day to remember” by reporting them to the bureau for illegal gun activity. Critics of the agency immediately blasted the irresponsible post by calling attention to the ATF’s checkered past and history of disastrous raids on others accused of illegal gun activity.

A very questionable post from the ATF

The post was apparently meant to be semi-humorous,  but it was effectively still a sincere appeal to jilted ex-lovers to send federal agents to visit their exes.

The ATF included their phone and email tip lines in the tweet and suggested that anyone upset over a breakup could make Valentine’s Day “fun” by giving them a call.

At the very least this is an irresponsible tone for a federal law enforcement agency to be using on an official social media account.

Law enforcement should be asking people to report illegal activity because it is illegal, not because they might get some easy Valentine’s Day entertainment out of seeing an ex be raided by armed officers.

More importantly, the post comes dangerously close to encouraging swatting. Swatting is the practice of reporting a fake bomb threat or hostage situation to law enforcement so that a SWAT team will storm the home of the target.

Swatting has led to deaths and injuries in past instances and for someone bitter enough about a breakup, it would be easy to take the ATF’s post as an invitation to get revenge for some perceived slight.

A history of scandals

In addition to the irresponsibility of the tweet, other Twitter users replied by pointing out the bureau’s history of scandals and involvement in a number of wrongful killings.

Many pointed out that Hunter Biden, the president’s dissolute son, apparently lied on a background check to illegally purchase a gun in 2018.

Other referred to the Ruby Ridge and Waco standoffs which left dozens of unarmed people dead in the 1990s due in part to the ATF’s recklessness.

Still others suggested that the ATF might like to investigate itself for having orchestrated a botched sting operation under the Obama administration which supplied hundreds of illegal firearms to Mexican cartels.

With this kind of history, the bureau’s promise of a “Valentine’s Day to remember” understandably struck many Twitter users as a pretty grim remarks, even if the intention was to be humorous .

Biden’s White House has struggled to find someone to lead the ATF. Republicans are already wary about his anti-gun agenda and any nominee will be very heavily scrutinized in the Senate.

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