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Biden DISMISSES Kamala Harris, Say Goodbye

Later this month, Joe Biden has a major fundraiser with a lot of Hollywood big shots and Barack Obama.

With this election being as tight as it is, one would think that Joe would want Kamala Harris there as well.

Instead, Joe Biden is sending her away for a conference regarding Ukraine.

You Are Not Needed

Harris’ office announced this week that the VP will be traveling later in June, stating, “Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Lucerne, Switzerland, on June 15 to participate in the Summit on Peace in Ukraine.”

I find that rather interesting because that is the same timeframe as the fundraiser.

Even Ukrainian President Zelensky was shocked, saying that Biden staying home for the conference would be “personally applauded by Putin, and it will be a standing ovation.”

The fundraiser is being hosted by George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and Barack Obama is also slated to attend, so these are some big names and a lot of money.

My guess is that with all the talk of Biden’s age impacting his presidency and candidacy, he wants to keep Kamala as far away from donors as possible who might convince her that she would be the better choice.

With that kind of star power, I cannot imagine that Harris is happy about being sent to tend to Zelensky rather than having a few cocktails with George and Amal.

Speaking of… that situation just got a lot more interesting after Biden went off about the ICC warrant for Netanyahu, which came via a report that Amal Clooney helped write.

It was so bad, in fact, that Clooney reportedly called the White House because he was upset at Biden’s language when addressing the ICC charges.

With possible sanctions being levied, Clooney was also worried that Amal could be impacted.

So who knows… Joe’s little party might not go off after all.

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