Insider Drops Bombshell Announcement About President Trump

GOP insider Armstrong Williams sat down with a conservative leaning media outlet and managed to drop more of an explosive bombshell with his announcement than he intended. What was generally accepted as word of a positive sign from the former president was also a two-edged sword that proves the party is ready to stab Trump in the back.

Insider reveals GOP schemes

Armstrong Williams is generally considered to be a well connected GOP insider who’s buddy-buddy with former HUD Secretary Ben Carson. He sat down on Monday with a local news affiliate on their program “National Desk.” He was there to talk about Trump’s historic second acquittal and where the Republican party plans to go from here.

On Saturday, Former President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate because the imperialist faction couldn’t get the two-thirds majority they needed to convict.

Almost as soon as the party insider sat down, the host wanted to know if the GOP has plans for another Trump office run. “Of course,” Williams replied instantly. “The only thing that he has stacked against him is time.” After agreeing wholeheartedly that there will be some action toward that goal, he turns around and throws Trump right under the bus.

Seven GOP traitors voted to convict but ten more moles were afraid to come out of the closet. Everyone knows they are Democrats lurking behind the letter “R” on their voter registration cards. The party is infested with rats. Conservatives call them “RINOs.”

Since he’s a ranking insider, Williams’ opinion carries weight inside the party leadership. He’s “concerned” that Donald Trump isn’t apologetic enough about being framed. The Republican Party thinks he should be a more humble victim.

“You would think that after he was acquitted, he would have had some gratitude. What we continue to see is that this former president blames everyone else.” Maybe because he was the victim of the crime, not the criminal. This underscores the fact that the vast majority of those registered “Republican” are really Democrats in disguise.

Much deeper than that

When the host picked up on the vibe coming off the barbed remarks the insider was jabbing Trump with, she asked if the Republican Senators “who voted to convict the president indicate a rift in the Republican party?”

You bet it does. According to Williams, “it’s much deeper than that.” Democrats in the GOP don’t think Trump is “moral” enough to be their favored candidate. “Morality matters. Truthfulness matters. Your behavior matters.”

The modern, more “moderate” Republican party would rather see wide open borders globalism and free stuff for everyone. They’re all in favor of canceling everything from the National Anthem to the Constitution itself.

But, the insider insists, they have a “conscience.” The only way to keep the planet from becoming Waterworld is to eliminate private vehicles, at least the ones that use fossil fuels, and do away with single family suburban zoning.

When the grassroots conservatives in America hear what a GOP insider has to say, they want to throw up. Armstrong Williams is right when he says that “It’s good to show there are people in this country that have a conscience.” Those that do need to have it caught and shot now.

“We need people to step outside their political parties and say look, I’m going to do the moral thing, no matter the consequence.” Get those darn kids out of cages and allow those poor Central Americans to put their machetes to work whacking landscape again. They only go after the kind of people who hang out in the barrio anyway. It’s time for the GOP to stomp out White privilege and Nationalism once and for all.

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