Creepy Video Shows Joe Biden Touching ALL Over Children

The Imperial Palace isn’t happy that this photo-op field-trip turned out so creepy. The propaganda ministry dragged Joe Biden on a tour of North Plainfield School. It seems they left the spray bottle behind and His Wisdom couldn’t keep his hands off the tiny-tots. Meanwhile, he tottered from classroom to classroom like a senile dementia patient, babbling to himself and occasionally remembering to say something about his job and the reason for his appearance.

Emperor Biden the Clueless

The children didn’t seem to even know who the strange guy with all the press coverage was. They were more interested in playing with the Lego.

It soon became clear that Joe Biden was more interested in playing with the kids than he was stumping for New Jersey Democrat Governor Phil Murphy, “who faces an unexpectedly tight race for re-election next week.”

“I’m sorry, my fault. That was my fault. I made you look up,” Imperial Leader Biden apologized after watching “a child’s infrastructure project crumble before his eyes.” It happened on Monday, October 25.

He quickly helped “pick up the pieces of what had been a preschooler’s building block tower.” It couldn’t have been a better endorsement for Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli.

They told him he could lobby his multi-trillion dollar pork package but Biden forgot all about it. He didn’t even notice the sign on the classroom wall saying “Build Back Better” He was more interested in handling the toddlers.

“This is your governor” he told the kids in one class, pointing out Murphy. “He runs the state. And this is his wife, she runs the Governor.” That about says it all.

Plummeting approval rating

Joe Biden doesn’t seem to comprehend that his approval rating is in the basement. The numbers have been falling, even among Democrats, “amid a series of setbacks, including high inflation and supply chain bottlenecks.” Everybody is stocking up now on what they can get before the big collapse.

Then, there’s the graceful and painless exit from Afghanistan that didn’t happen. Add in a “resurgence of COVID-19” that ignores full vaccination and just keeps on spreading and it spells disaster for the Democrats. All Democrats. It’s a case of guilt by association.

With friends like Joe Biden, Phil Murphy doesn’t need any political enemies. He’s barely squeaking past the Republican in the polls by 6 points.


The most honest and forthright thing he told to the kids was that when the press asks you questions, it can be hard coming up with a way not to answer them.

Biden told reporters he’s hoping to have a deal on his multi-trillion social spending bill before he jets off to Europe. They sharpened their pencils and dropped the price tag but there are still a few sticking points. Joe Manchin seems to be on the verge of caving to pressure but Kyrstin Sinema remains the wild-card.

The bisexual DINO Democrat was elected only to send a message that RINO Martha McSally wasn’t welcome in Arizona. She knows that she may be a registered Democrat but independent conservatives to the right of Republican were the ones who allowed her to be elected. The way she’s going, she may convince them to allow her to keep her seat another term. Things aren’t looking that friendly for her opposite number Mark Kelly. He was also elected simply because he isn’t McSally, but still acts like a Democrat and hasn’t mended the error of his ways.

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