Major Hunter Biden Update…

The Biden family Godfather must have made Hunter responsible for raising their legal defense fund. They’re going to need millions. Hunter put his influence peddling on public display by setting up an art sale in swanky SoHo. Instead of hanging his artwork on the fridge where it belongs, the family name is being sold for crack-smoking high prices.

Hunter Biden for sale

Giving the artist some credit, his paintings aren’t half bad for an amateur. Only progressives are silly enough to believe that they would fetch up to $225,000 a pop without the Biden name on them, though.

Palace officials claim that everything is on the up and up since each and every sale is “anonymous.” The highest priced one already has “two interested buyers.” Nobody knows if either prospective owner even bothered to look at the painting.

On Saturday, December 10, a gallery worker “refused to give The Post details on the potential buyers of the untitled, 57×98 inch, mustard-yellow floral painting on Yupo Japanese paper.

Since his private showing opened on Friday at the Georges Berges Gallery, it has been a huge success. He’s averaging two sales a day. The Biden family is going to need every dime, when the House watchdog committees start chomping on their legs. The sort of lawyers they need don’t come cheap.

The first time Hunter peddled his paintings, it was by “invitation only.” That way there was at least a way to someday track who was ready to pony up money for inside influence over Joe.

This time, it’s “open to the public.” Any well dressed foreign official can stroll in and buy a Biden. At least, they get something snazzy to hang on the wall of the Chinese Embassy. According to his dealer, Georges Berges, “Haiku” features much stronger works.


A fat commission

His cut of selling Biden to the affluently global minded set must be a goldmine. “The first [show] was successful,” Berges notes. “We achieved what we wanted from that exhibition. This exhibition shows a stronger confidence.” That means higher price tags and higher commissions.

Berges “has refused to elaborate on which paintings sold and who the buyers were. Paintings in last year’s show ranged from $75,000 for works on paper to $500,000 for large canvases.

The whole idea behind hiding the buyers is so that the Biden family can make it look less like influence peddling. The problem is that it makes it look MORE like influence peddling.

The policy of not publicly naming purchasers and what they paid was highly controversial, with some critics saying it could lead to anonymous influence-buying of the Bidens.

The family is going to need a whole lot of legal help and Berges was grinning from ear-to-ear as he told the Post “he has several paintings in the gallery’s basement.” They were allegedly painted by Hunter Biden “more than 20 years ago — proof, he said, that he has worked most of his life to be an artist.

They look like crayon drawings of a 6-year-old, which is why they’re stashed in the basement. Even so, the great thing about representing Hunter in such a showing is that talent has absolutely nothing to do with his commissions. There are powerful people with piles of money to burn lining up to buy one sight unseen, hoping to use it to their advantage later. Berges has a practically guaranteed fortune lining up at his door. One can only imagine the phone calls like, “I would like to meet with Joe. He’d be interested in my art collection.

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