Biden Signals No Need for Checks and Balances, His Party Doesn’t Care What the People Want

Imperial Leader Joe Biden is ready to go nuclear. The Democrats want to party like it’s 1999 and Armageddon wipes us all out at midnight. The only way to pay for a blowout bash like that is put it on the credit card and skip away from the billing company. To do that, the radical socialist extremist wing has just about convinced His Wisdom to exercise the “nuclear option” and bust the filibuster.

Party over principles

Imperial Leader Joe Biden admitted on Tuesday, October 5, that there is a “real possibility” Senate Socialists in the party will “move to change the body’s filibuster rules in order to overcome Republicans’ refusal to raise the debt ceiling.”

Inside the beltway, they call that the “nuclear option” and Biden is all for it. Yes, he confirmed, “there is a ‘real possibility’ that Democrats invoke the ‘nuclear option’ and change the filibuster rules to raise the debt limit.”

What that means is that Joe Biden has caved in to his party handlers because it’s a “notable shift” for His Wisdom who “resisted changing the filibuster for months.”

Not too long ago he was singing a different tune, arguing that such a shift could throw the “entire Congress into chaos.” Now, all his work is about to implode and he won’t have a thing to show for it.

If Democrats want their “everything plus two kitchen sinks” pork package then they have to raise the debt ceiling. They can do that, but they have to do it all by themselves without any help from republicans.

They can’t do that with the filibuster in effect. It means they need at least 10 GOP defectors and full support of every Democrat in the party or they don’t get anything. Without the filibuster, they only need their own 50 votes and Kamala Harris breaks the tie their way.

McConnell stands tough

Even though they already approved a temporary extension until December, Congress acts like it must be done today. For his part, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell “has refused to allow any Republicans to vote for the debt ceiling to be lifted.”

The idea is force Democrats to take ownership of the burden on taxpayers “and calling on the party to use a process known as reconciliation instead.” But that’s complicated, liberals whine. They don’t like complicated. They would rather just light off the nukes.

“We do not have the luxury of using a drawn-out, convoluted and risky process,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sobbed on Tuesday.

“There’s still time for 10 Republicans to join us, no matter what some of the extremists on the hard right think.” Well, they actually need 12 Republicans to cover the 2 party holdout DINO Democrats, Sinema and Manchin. The hard left is getting antsy.

Schumer is still hallucinating that Republicans will come to their senses and hand over everything the Democrat party is demanding. “The best way to get this done is for Republicans to just get out of the way.”

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders and his rabidly liberal left wing of the DNC wants to nuke them out of the way. The palace is backing that move so it will be interesting to see what happens. Democrats haven’t fully considered that it could turn into a doomsday weapon because nuking the filibuster now could come back to haunt them when they lose their slender majority.

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